Canada line Goes Ka-Put – Could Dirty Tunnels Be The Culprit?

The Canada Line was down for three hours on Friday, but if one was looking for evidence of it, well TransLink is doing its best to cleanse the internet from reporting the problem.

Trying to avoid the fiasco of last winter, where TransLink abandoned customers, when the Canada Line failed in the snow, officials were quick to get to the radio to allay fears of transit users.

The problem, was in the Automatic Train Control, where a cable failed.

Cables just don’t fail and there must be a root problem causing the failure and dirty subway tunnels and the piston action of trains operating in subway tunnels creates an extremely corrosive atmosphere.

Operators of subways have “vacuum trains” for cleaning tunnels as preventative maintenance to help keep vital signalling equipment operating.

Could it be that TransLink is unaware that subways are dirty environments and must be kept clean? Has the subway portion of the Canada Line ever been cleaned?

If the answer is no, watch out for more “cable failures”.

A London Tube "subway" cleaning train.


Update: Canada Line resuming service between Oakridge and Bridgeport

TransLink says a track issue on SkyTrain's Canada Line is causing reduced service this morning.

Due to a track issue, there is no service between Marine Dr Station and Bridgeport Station. Gerry Kahrmann / PROVINCE


A mechanical issue that was disrupting service on the Canada Line has been fixed and normal service is resuming.

TransLink stopped running trains between OakridgeAi??andAi??Bridgeport stations for more than two hours Friday afternoon due to a track issue.

In a press release, TransLink said a bus bridge that was established to shuttle passengers between the two stations wouldAi??continue to operate until about 2:30 p.m.

ai???Expo and Millennium Lines are unaffected, and are running normally,ai??? Jill Drews, TransLinkai??i??s media relations advisor, said in a release. ai???Additional security and Transit Police are at the stations to ensure passenger safety and crowd

Check TransLinkai??i??s website for updated information.


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