Canada Line Ka-Put For Evening Rush Again! – CEO Kevin Desmond Must Resign!

Twice in three days, the Canada Line has called it quits during Monday’s evenings rush hour. Snow, again is the culprit, but really, that excuse is wearing thin.

By world standards, it isn’t a lot of snow that has fallen (1 cm per hour) and with trains every three to five minutes crossing the bridge over the Fraser River, there should be no large accumulation of snow that would stop the metro.

Why is this $2.2 billion mini-metro not able to cross the bridge over the Fraser River when it snows?

In other jurisdictions, questions would have been asked in Parliament or legislature and demands made on operating authority to answer why this disruption is taking place.

But this is is a BC Liberal built mini-metro and the mainstream media remain mute, no questions are asked and the transit customer is once again treated like crap!

Translink’s total incompetence is breathtaking and again, TransLink CEO Kevin DesmondAi?? must resign or be fired


Canada Line SkyTrain service delays, shuttle buses to come

Vancouver, BC, Canada / News Talk 980 CKNW | Vancouver’s News. Vancouver’s Talk
Posted: February 06, 2017

Canada Line SkyTrain service delays, shuttle buses to come


After a hold on trains at all Canada Line stations, some service is now resuming, but only between particular stations.

Service from Oakridge to Templeton, and Oakridge to Aberdeen is not running at this time.

TransLink says theyai??i??re in the process of assembling a bus shuttle service.

Expo and Millennium lines are unaffected, and are running normally.

Additional security and Transit Police are at the stations to ensure passenger safety and crowd control.


2 Responses to “Canada Line Ka-Put For Evening Rush Again! – CEO Kevin Desmond Must Resign!”
  1. Dondi says:

    Equal time to highway issues!

    I drive across the Alex Fraser bridge. It was closed (risk of ice bombs?) on Sunday night. Then on Monday evening the cars on the Connector were parked bumper to bumper from the jacknifed semi just short of the bridge to almost as far as Knight St. Thank God I was headed the other way.

    The bigger picture is how these unusual climate events can be expected to become more and more usual.

    Zwei replies: Really Dondi, really? The Canada Line failed twice, during the evening rush hour leaving tens of thousands of people stranded. Remember, TransLink operates a hub and spoke transit system, and when a spoke stops, chaos reigns. There is no redundancy and TransLink did next to nothing except run around in circles screaming; “shock and disbelief, shock and disbelief”. The rail system should be above minor snowfalls and by world standards, it was.

  2. T says:

    How is that Kevin Desmond’s fault… ProTransBC should be under fire here as they are the ones that operate the Canada Line. I’m sure the ProTransBC contract says they aren’t responsible for weather and acts of god.

    Shouldn’t the BC Liberal Minister of Transportation be resigning? They are the ones that forced Translink to use a P3 and as a result we ended up with an underengineered system.

    Zwei Replies: It was Translink’s poor showing at this debacle, they didn’t give a damn and that my friend is the CEO in charge. Instead of bullshitting us with fake news, like more SkyTrain service (not peak) and more Seabus service, Desmond and his crew live with sprinkle ponies. (not peak)

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