Fire on SkyTrain – The $3 Billion Question

As SkyTrain ages, its equipment deteriorates and today, a fire has happened and apparently not caused by a pyrotechnic birds nest.

As mentioned many times by Rail for the Valley, about $3 billion needs to be invested in the ART/ALRT SkyTrain lines to both renew the mini-metro system and to increase capacity.

As TransLink’s CEO and executives desperately try to hide the expensive truth from the public and regional mayors remain ignorant of the pricey needs of the SkyTrain light-metro system, system failures will become more and more common.And politicians want more expensive SkyTrain!

The great fear is a major catastrophe will happen on SkyTrain, just like the recent deadly Grenfell Tower inferno in London, where years of neglect had created a fiery death trap.

Ennui, combined with hubris, by politicians and bureaucrats is the cause of many a deadly fiasco.

Sunday morning SkyTrain service disrupted by New West ‘equipment fire’


Patrick Johnston (Vancouver Sun)

Published: June 17, 2017

Updated: June 18, 2017 1:49 PM

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Area around the New Westminster SkyTrain station in a file photo.

Area around the New Westminster SkyTrain station in a file photo.Photo by Gerry Kahrmann


Travellers using the Expo Line Sunday morning are facing delays because of an ai???equipment fireai??? at New Westminster Station.

Shuttle buses are operating between Edmonds and Columbia station.

The fire is now out; a Translink spokesperson said just before 11 a.m. that service would return to normal ai???any time

There was no risk to customers and no impact on the Millennium and Canada Lines.


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