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TransLink is desperate to gain the transit customer’s affection and is doing a mock comment process to pretend they are listening, the transit customers friend.

Ha, ha, ha, the joke is on the transit customer as TransLink’s futile effort in public relations is no more than a joke.

Take Tsawwassen as an example.

One of the affected bus routes in question is the 609, locally known as the “Wally Wagon”, which about 10 people a day use. No tweaking of service will fix this lemon, but TransLink still offers a charade process, pretending they are listening to the public. Simply, this bus service should be terminated.

The 601 is Tsawwassen’s life line to Richmond and Vancouver and by diverting it to access the new mega mall built on TFN lands, will increase journey times, which will decrease ridership.

Oh yes, the fare regimen, means that it will be cheaper for Tsawwassen residents to drive to the mall, than take the bus.

What is more galling, TransLink has remained deaf since the opening of the Canada Line for real service improvements in South Delta, but (most likely) prodding from the Premier’s Office, to have buses service Gordon Campbell’s and the TFN’s Tsawwassen Mills mega mall fiasco.

If the the rest of the proposed route changes (of course some maybe necessary) are as daft as South Delta’s, TransLink’s senior brass has learned nothing from their recent failed plebiscite.

Real change is needed at TransLink, not the current pretend “we are listening” currently being offered.

TransLink seeks comment on changes to 85 bus routes in Metro Vancouver

Ai??Evergreen Line, new Tsawwassen mall among reasons for proposed service changes

By Kelly Sinoski, Vancouver Sun

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