Fuel cell tram trial – From the Railway Gazette

After a few false starts in the past decade with numerous railway operators, the Spanish FEVE Railway is experimenting with a fuel-cell powered train on a short non-electrified rail line. For those advocating alternative fuel for the Valley Interurban, it should fell worth noting that the maximum speed than can be achieved with a fuel cell powered train is a mere 25/kph.; hardly the speed needed for a 21st century version of the interurban.

Fuel cell tram trial

24 June 2010

SPAIN: Metre-gauge operator FEVE is planning to start trials with fuel cell traction between Ribadesella and Llovio on its non-electrified Santander – Oviedo route by the end of this year.

A hydrogen fuel cell is to be installed in a 1970s tramcar to power four traction motors, capable of operating at up to 25 km/h and making 15 return trips of 10 km every day.

The fuel cell is being developed by Cidaut, a research foundation specialising in transport and energy that draws on the academic expertise of the University of Valladolid. It weighs 80 kg, including a 10 kg fuel tank.

‘The best thing is that emissions are zero’, project leader Alberto Montes told <cite>El Mundo</cite>. FEVE’s Director of International & Institutional Relations JosA?Ai?? Antonio SebastiA?A?n said that the new technology could be used on future light rail networks.

As well as Cartgena – Los Nietos, where tenders have been called for four vehicles (RG 2.10 p16), FEVE plans to convert routes in Asturias, Galicia and Cantabria to tram-train operations.


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  1. Bryan Vogler says:

    I presented a Hydrogen transportation report to The Abbotsford City Group a couple of years back. When City Council passed the light rail plan Hydrogen power was included in that. I met many doubters there. Oh it would be years away.
    However they are the motor car orientated society who would deny any threat to take there personal transportation away. I hope The Gulf Oil Spill will change there thoughts to a different fuel and hopefully Hydrogen. I encourage anybody to add to this new group of transportation changes

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