Global News Spotlights SkyTrain’s Ills

To say I am gobsmacked is an understatement, Global News actually had a rather negative story about SkyTrain, which convinces me some pointed questions about the proprietary railway are circling in Victoria.

Everything about SkyTrain, from it being forced onto the region in the early 80’s, the NDP flip-flop of the Millennium Line and forcing through the Canada Line (though not ALRT/ART SkyTrain) has come directly from the Premier’s office. Bennett, Harcourt, Clark, Campbell and now Christy C., have seen the benefits of ribbon cutting in front of multi billion dollar transit projects at election time and now with the Evergreen Line’s opening delayed until 2017, again shows that politicians build transit win elections, not affordably move people.

Global News has opened a chink in SkyTrain’s Teflon armor and SkyTrain’s future has just become less assured in the region.

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