Has TransLink Missed The Bus? AGAIN?

The combined arrogance and ineptitude of TransLink just makes one’s head shake.

TransLink has just sent out 400,000 invitations for people to do a trip diary, with all sort of silly incentives to get people on board.

What will happen is this:

1) People who do not take transit will toss the invitation aside.

2) Very few people who do take transit, will bother filling it out.

3) The information from the trip diaries will be of little use.

The problem with TransLink is that it doesn’t listen to what the public really want.

A good example is South Delta, where transit ridership is flagging. People want their direct South Delta to Downtown Vancouver bus back as there is a general dislike of the forced transfer to the Canada Line. TransLink does nothing and people vote with their cars.

The same sort of issues are happening throughout the region and the vast majority feels that TransLink does not listen or do they care.

No trip diary will solve this and instead TransLink needs to deal with real issues.

It seems TransLink cannot deal with any issue at all and has a vast propaganda machine at work, manipulating statistics to convince politicians that everything is OK.

A recent example was the news release that TransLink was carrying one million people daily, strange that TransLink just recently said 15% of the Metro Vancouver (Approximately 2.5 million), use transit. The fact is there could have been one million boarding’s, but as most people make 2 or more boarding’s a trip, let alone each day, the real number of people using transit each day is more like 375,000 or less.

Now TransLink has a very accurate tool in measuring ridership and it is called the compass card and the Compass Card can easily calculate the number of “unique” transactions made by the card, giving a fairly accurate number of people using transit on any given day.

TransLink refuses to use this data, which makes one think; “What is TransLink trying to hide?”


All very easy for TransLink to make claims, when they do not release the numbers to back their claims!


TransLink wants your help to better plan transit in the Lower Mainland

by Amanda Wawryk

Posted Nov 11, 2017

NEW WESTMINSTER (NEWS 1130) ai??i?? From driving to cycling to transit service, TransLink wants to hear from you to help improve the transportation system for both Metro Vancouver and the Fraser Valley.

The Regional Trip Diary survey has been arriving on doorsteps and itai??i??s one of the key tools used to revamp the way we get around.

Chris Bryan with TransLink says this was last done in 2011 and it inspired many changes. ai???Anytime weai??i??re increasing bus service or weai??i??re providing funding through the Major Road Network Funding to municipalities to improve roads, anything like bike baths, walking paths ai??i?? those investments are determined based upon the kind of information we receive from the Trip Diary.ai???

He explains itai??i??s not just about transit, but overall, how you get around the region. ai???If you can just take those few minutes to fill this out, itai??i??s going to go a long way to helping us plan the region better.ai???

Those filling out the survey will be asked for demographic information including age and gender and to detail the kind of trips made by people in the household and on what days. ai???Once collected, all personal information is aggregated to protect individualsai??i?? privacy, and is used in strict accordance with BCai??i??s Freedom of Information and Privacy Act.ai???

Bryan adds this survey is similar to a census and is delivered to more than 400,000 homes around the region.


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  1. Emily says:

    I went back to the car after they diverted the 311 that went from Scottsdale to down town was diverted to force us on the Canada line in Richmond. The bus was just one boarding and no transfers, now it goes out of the way to Richmond and I have to transfer to Canada line then the number 9 when before i did not have too. It was convenient and quicker now takes longer to get to work so I started driving again. I also buy my fuel in the USA as well now, so screw you tran$link… Tran$link or whatever they were called in mid 80’s did it then too with the old 330 Fergueson bus that went down 108th and over Port Mann into Vancouver…..It seems like Tran$link forces people to use skytain, I guess to increase numbers but it inconvenience many by removing or diverting useful bus routes.

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