In Metro Vancouver……

The subway lobby seem hard at it in Toronto and have been caught out by an independent public watchdog, set up to protect the taxpayer.

Metro Vancouver and its member municipalities has no such watchdog to watch for bureaucratic or political malfeasance and with the media well in bed with Metro Vancouver politicians, the taxpayer is greatly ill served!

In Metro Vancouver, Subway fantasies are taken for fact as are lies about LRT.

In Metro Vancouver, professionals are immune to professional misconduct charges and investigations.

In Metro Vancouver, the mainstream media myopia on current transit planning is based on who buys the advertising.

In Metro Vancouver taxpayers are being held to ransom by dishonest politicians and their enablers, dishonest bureaucrats and the provincial government, which just loves it that way.

Honesty is not a word used in Metro Vancouver, either by civic politicians and bureaucrats and no one gives a damn about the taxpayer.

Watchdog says city staff may have violated public service code over Scarborough subway advice

Ombudsman should investigate whether staff was serving the public interest, Democracy Watch co-founder says.

Spokespeople for the TTC and the city say staff provided their best professional advice with respect to the Scarborough subway debate.

By Jennifer PagliaroCity Hall reporter
Mon., Oct. 24, 2016

An independent public watchdog says city staff who contributed to and distributed information in the midst of a key Scarborough subway debate may have violated the cityai??i??s public service bylaw.

A Star analysis earlier found that a briefing note produced by the TTC was used by the mayor and allied councillors to kill any return of a light-rail plan in Scarborough and that staff discredited the LRT while advancing a one-stop subway now estimated to cost more than $3.2 billion.

ai???It says act with integrity,ai??? Democracy Watchai??i??s Duff Conacher said of the values set out in the bylaw, which are not clearly defined in the municipal code itself.

Spokespeople for the TTC and the city rejected Conacherai??i??s characterization, repeating that staff provided their best professional advice.

Itai??i??s not clear who is responsible for enforcing the bylaw, but Conacher, who co-founded the advocacy group, said any investigation should be handled by the cityai??i??s ombudsman, who hears public complaints, not by city managers.

The ombudsman does not have the ability to discipline staff, only to respond to and report on complaints. If an investigation is initiated, the ombudsman can report to council with recommendations.

Failing to comply with the cityai??i??s bylaw, which came into effect in December 2015, means a staff member could be ai???subject to disciplinary action up to and including

ai???These are incredibly serious allegations that, on the face of it, appear to attack staffai??i??s integrity and professionalism,ai??? TTC spokesperson Brad Ross wrote in an email. ai???We refute such characterizations strongly. Staff stand by the process, the briefing note and the answers provided to city


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  1. eric chris says:

    Subways = corruption and vice. Once upon a time, a long long time ago, 30 years ago in 1986 to be exact, crazy loons decided to trample human rights, destroy community plans, run roughshod over small business owners and turn Vancouver into another Hong Kong with a few major public-transit-trunk lines (subway and viaduct) flanked by 40 story glass condos financed by money laundering from the trafficking of organs or some other illicit activity. Petty and corrupt provincial government employees with a sense of entitlement at TransLink are building the public-transit-trunk lines despite the overwhelming opposition to the public-transit-trunk lines driving up the cost of living and making road congestion worse.

    “After months of investigation, including undercover interviews… we come to the regrettable conclusion that these allegations are true.” – Hon. David Kilgour, JD, Former Canadian Secretary of State”

    It’s much like the RCMP goons (I’m not bashing all RCMP officers and respect most of them) who with an exaggerated sense of entitlement terrorized a little girl to flex their muscles and arrest her 80 year old grandparents whose English skills didn’t allow them to understand what was happening to them or why. Warning: the following video is most unsettling, at least it was to me. If you’re a provincial government employee at TransLink, you’ve done much worse to people on Cambie Street and others over the years. You are likely going to blame the victims and are unlikely going to be bothered one bit.

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