Is Factbender Going To Announce SkyTrain To Langley On Canada Day?

“You are going to get SkyTrain whether you like it or not”, has been the popular refrain

from notable BC politicians including Bill Bennett, Bill Van der Zalm, Grace McCarthy, Glen Clark, Joy McPhail,

Gordon Campbell, Kevin Falcon and now, Factbender and Premier photo-Op!

Only seven built in 40 years!


Is the Minister responsible for SkyTrain, Mr. Factbender playing the role of a latter day Bill Van der Zalm, being the “points-man” to support the government decision to extend SkyTrain to Langley?

Reliable sources have indicated that this announcement will be made on or near Canada Day.

Transportation Minister Todd Stone just did not have the jam to do it, but the bombastic Factbender does, because he merely a “Trump” clone spewing out stuff and nonsense, pretending it is fact, to support the construction of the now obsolete proprietary SkyTrain light metro to Langley.

This 16 km line is going to be very expensive, a minimum of $2.5 billion, yet it will provide little or no transit relief as for many commuters, the train will not go where they want to.

Obviously the BC Liberals do not give a damn about regional transit planning and view it as a plum “vanity” project good only for photo-ops at election time.

A Langley extension is going to put a great strain on the capacity constipated Expo line, unless another $2.5 billion to $3 billion is spent upgrading the Expo Line with larger stations and new electrical supply, not to mention new cars. This means that the Langley SkyTrain will cost in excess of $5 billion!

Added to this, a small fleet of buses will be needed to feed the light-metro customers and as recent history has shown with the buses feeding the Canada Line from South Delta and South Surrey, that those in the outer burbs will getAi?? poor bus service and taking the car will be the only choice.

One wonders how much Bombardier Inc. and SNC Lavalin (who hold the patents to the proprietary railway) donated to the BC Liberal party to make this happen?

With only seven ICTS/ALRT/ALM/ART systems sold in forty years, one would need a lot of ‘spreadin around cash’ to make it happen.

Building SkyTrain means the Liberal’s goal of blacktopping the lower mainland and neutering the Agricultural land Reserve is in full swing.

The last word goes to Gerald Fox, American Transit expert, who roasted TransLink’s business case for the Evergreen Line.

It is interesting how TransLink has used this cunning method of manipulating analysis to justify SkyTrain in corridor after corridor, and has thus succeeded in keeping its proprietary rail system expanding. In the US, all new transit projects that seek federal support are now subjected to scrutiny by a panel of transit peers, selected and monitored by the federal government, to ensure that projects are analysed honestly, and the taxpayersai??i?? interests are protected. No SkyTrain project has ever passed this scrutiny in the US.


4 Responses to “Is Factbender Going To Announce SkyTrain To Langley On Canada Day?”
  1. Haveacow says:

    If this is true does it mean the LRT line in Surrey is dead?

    Zwei replies: if SkyTrain is built, adios LRT.

  2. Jim says:

    Not that I want this, but if this is the plan, how many decades till they actually build it?

  3. SER says:

    Good lord, I could spend hours telling you how incorrect you are with this clever editorial, but I have a feeling you and your septuagenarian followers wouldn’t suddenly decide to come around anyway.

    Zwei replies: So building an obsolete proprietary light metro is good for transit? Just where an I incorrect?

    Let’s cut to the chase, transit is to move people and the cheaper we can build it, the more we can build. The Light-metro family is really yesterday’s transit mode as it costs almost the same to build than a heavy rail metro with more than double the capacity or it costs two to three times more than light rail, which has more capacity.

    Let me make this clear, very few are building with light-metro today and those who are are regretting it.

  4. Dan G. Rawlings says:

    Did not Gordon Campbell announce this about a decade ago? lol

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