Mayor Lois Flies With Sparkle Ponies

Delta Mayor Lois Jackson is a strong supporter of former BC Liberal Premier Christi Clark and sees the proposed ten lane bridge to replace the Massey Tunnel as her personal legacy project when she retires from politics next year.

Hijacking the Leewood/Rail for the Valley TramTrain plan for her own personal politics only shows how desperate she it.

Rail for the Valley rejects Lois Jackson LRT into Delta plan via the proposed bridge as it just doesn’t make sense.

As for the mayors Council, well it is all sparkle ponies and pixie dust as the regional mayors wait with baited breath for money from the new NDP government to fund their vanity projects, which will do little to reduce congestion because they were never planned to, rather they are planned to enrich developers and speculators, who use transit to inflate properties that they assembled along the proposed transit routes.

As always transit is planned to move money and not people.

Mayorsai??i?? Council puts brakes on Delta mayorai??i??s proposed Richmond-Chilliwack LRT

An idea to link Richmond to Chilliwack with a light rail transit (LRT) line wonai??i??t be getting rolling anytime soon.

The Metro Vancouver Mayorsai??i?? Council brushed the idea aside Thursday, after it was brought forward by Delta Mayor Lois Jackson.

The plan would have seen one of the 10 lanes of the proposed Massey Tunnel replacement bridge reserved for a future LRT line running from the Richmond-Brighouse Canada Line station through Delta, South Surrey, Langley and terminating in Chilliwack.

Jacksonai??i??s motion proposed a preliminary study of the line be added to year five of the Mayorsai??i?? Councilai??i??s 10-year transit and transportation plan.

But New West mayor Jonathan Cote said the idea was voted down because Thursdayai??i??s council meeting was the wrong time to introduce the proposal.

ai???I think itai??i??s a valid point that Mayor Jackson put forward, but to have that jump the queue in front of all the other discussions that we need to have done in the region I think it needs to be done

The proposal was instead referred forward as a possible update to the regional transportation plan, to be considered at some point within the next year.

Jackson, who was denied the opportunity to speak at the meeting, said the Mayorsai??i?? Council was stacked against her and accused it of refusing to take her idea seriously.

ai???You know Iai??i??m not part of the boys club, letai??i??s put it that way and whatever I seem to be saying is falling on total deaf

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Cote dismissed that accusation.

ai???I donai??i??t think the fact that itai??i??s been deferred means the idea isnai??i??t worthy of consideration or taken seriously, itai??i??s about how do we actually find the right home for that discussion so that the region can be able to analyze that properly?ai???

The future of a proposed new $3.5 billion Massey Bridge has come into question with the election of a BC NDP government.

The NDP has suggested that twinning the tunnel could be a better option, and aside from Jackson, the regionai??i??s mayors are united in their opposition to a new bridge for the crossing.

Preparatory construction on the proposed bridge began earlier this spring.

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