I know it is preaching to the converted, but we must get serious about regional transit. $4.6 billion to build 12.8 km of light metro is not spending money wisely.

Spending $4.6 billion to build 12.8 km of light metro is based on dated thinking; dated engineering; dated planning; dated transportation philosophy; as well as never dated political and academic corruption.

SkyTrain is a political gravy train for land speculators; land developers; cement manufacturers and all those union jobs building it. For the transit customer it is a slow train the convinces many to take the car.

Isn’t time to end the travesty?


From the Light Rail Transit Association


Trams for a Healthier Future

TramForward welcomes the House of Commons Select Committee on Transport’s Inquiry into Reforming public transport after the pandemic. Whatever the eventual changes in work and leisure patterns resulting from the current pandemic, there will continue to be a need for mass transit to bring people into the centres of towns and cities. With the current gradual revival of public transport use, it is a suitable time to consider how public transport might adapt to meet not only the health requirements of the current situation but also of any future health emergencies that might arise.

Traffic-generated air pollution, from non-exhaust emissions (NEE) caused by tyre and road surface wear as well as exhaust emissions, is not only a major health risk in itself but also a contributory factor in the severity of respiratory diseases such as Covid 19. Trams are free from both types of emissions, as well as having a proven track record in effecting significant modal shift from cars to public transport, and TramForward continues to advocate the development of tram systems as a primary transit mode on major transport corridors.

Trams are relatively easy to adapt to social-distancing requirements, with larger circulating areas than buses and fewer seats in proportion to total capacity, and can be coupled together to increase capacity. They typically have multiple entrances which not only facilitate distanced boarding and alighting but provide regular ventilation. Ventilation could also be enhanced by simple roof to floor forced air circulation. Trams also provide a superior ride quality without the sudden dynamic events which can throw bus passengers into each other.

In its response to the Transport Committee’s Inquiry, TramForward will be calling for increased investment in steel wheel on steel rail urban transport systems, particularly tramways. While trams cannot be expected to replace all other forms of road passenger transport, they can make a significant contribution to the improvement of air quality on the most heavily trafficked urban routes where pollution is highest.

Jim Harkins, Chair of the Campaigns Group of the Light Rail Transit Association said “It is time for the government to show faith in public transport and to increase investment in tramways to create a safer and healthier future for our cities and towns”.



2 Responses to “Memo”
  1. Zermatt says:

    Construction has already started to extend skytrain to arbutus, so no point stopping it now. An LRT on arbutus from granville island to Richmond would be great.

    Zwei replies: Actually no; construction has not yet begun nor has the province released the money. What has happened is a preferred builder has been chosen and now the detailed cost estimates are being made.

  2. Haveacow says:

    Some pre construction projects have started according to my spy at Translink, @Zermatt this is probably what you are seeing being done right now.

    Zwei replies: Yes the CoV work like removing trolley wires and stuff like that. From what I have been told there is some angst at TransLink with costs. Also the massive decline of ridership has sent a message to the premier. The NDP are shy of the word “FastFerry” and with Site C (Peace River Dam) now over $2 billion over budget and some subway issues with Broadway, they may (and I stress may readdress some major projects. There are also issues with the Expo Line extension and i have been informed there is extreme nervousness with the NDP over major projects at this point, especially with a predicted fall or spring election.

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