Metro Madness – FastFerry Fiasco 2

Vancouver wants subways and nothing else. Vancouver wants the region to pay for those subways.

Vancouver’s pet SkyTrain subway, just to Arbutus Street, may cost upwards of $4 billion.

Vancouver’s pet SkyTrain subway will use the now obsolete ALRT/ART proprietary railway, jointly owned by Bombardier Inc. and SNC Lavalin.

Vancouver’s pet SkyTrain subway will have cars supplied by only Bombardier Inc. as no one else makes ALRT/ART compatible cars.

SNC Lavalin will automatically engineer the the almost $4 billion subway under Broadway because they own the ART Engineering patents.

Present traffic flows on Broadway are well under 5,000 pphpd or well under a third that would justify a subway for North American standards.

The operating costs for the Broadway subway have not been calculated.

The operating certificate for the ALRT/ART SkyTrain lines allows a maximum capacity of 15,000 pphpd.

The cost to upgrade the ALRT/ART SkyTrain lines could be as high as $3 billion.

The city of Vancouver lead TransLink is trying to force “Road Pricing” in Metro Vancouver, not for regional transit improvement, rather SkyTrain subway and associated upgrades.

Cost of FastFerry scandal, an estimated $450 million- cost of the future Broadway subway scandal, full build – almost $7 billion!

Cost of cancelling site C dam – estimated $7.3 billion.

What more can go wrong?

Underground Spaces Already Prepped For Broadway Subway Stations

Developers, city negotiated deals to set aside space for entrances at four key sites.

ByChristopher CheungToday|TheTyee.caChristopher Cheung is a reporter and page editor at the Tyee. You can find his stories here and follow him on Twitter at @bychrischeung.

The funding for the planned Broadway subway line is not confirmed, but the City of Vancouver has been steadily securing spaces under the busy corridor for transit stations, The Tyee has learned.

Space has been set aside for four potential stations ai??i?? at Great Northern Way, Cambie, Oak and Arbutus.

If there is a development,said Steve Brown, the manager of Vancouver’s rapid transit office, we can make a request to see if they are able to shape the development to allow for a void space that can connect from the street level down to the

These large underground rooms are not the stations themselves; they are entrances/exits, hence their official name Statutory Rights of Way.


The intention is to maximize the connectivity to future transit stations, and developers are usually more than happy to do that,said Jeff Doble, the global leader in transportation design with architecture firm Perkins+Will.

Perkins+Will designed the Crossroads project at the corner of Cambie and Broadway.

The cityai??i??s engineering department is in the mixed-use Crossroads project, along with a London Drugs, a Whole Foods and, formerly, a Lululemon lab at the street level where one entrance that descends to the void space is located. This void space is large enough to fit a staircase, an escalator and an elevator.

Doble said the developerai??i??s decision to prepare a potential transit entrance for the city is a ai???no

ai???They would stand to benefit from having transit in their development and having retail in the station, which benefits the station as well,ai??? he said.

Six stations are planned for the Broadway subway; four already have void spaces. Two potential station locations, at Main and at Granville, do not have void spaces beneath them yet.

Crossroads, completed in 2008, was not the first project to have a void space.

The city negotiated in the late 1990s for the creation of a space beneath the Great Northern Way Campus Trust lands, home to the new Emily Carr University of Art and Design.

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  1. VanMetro says:

    The broadway subway will be an extension of the millenium line. This has been planned for since the 1980’s. When the skytrain was first built in 1980’s. it was planned to extend it to Surrey, Richmond, Coquitlam, and Vancouver. Long term planning is good. It is best to have just one technology. The Canada line was a mistake, contract was giving to wrong company. It would be great to have one subway from UBC to Coquitlam with no transfers. No one likes transfers.

    Zwei replies: You are wrong. The Broadway subway was part of the infamous NDP/George Puil deal to gain support for the Millennium Line flip-flop from light rail to ART. The province was to pay 2/3rds for SkyTrain only construction, west of commercial drive.

    The termination at Arbutus goes back to the Broadway-Lougheed LRT, where a terminus at Arbutus would connect with LRT on Arbutus!

    Wow, we know where you live, so transfer free from Coquitlam, comes at a big price, forcing Expo Line customers to transfer twice, if they want to go to UBC.

    But you ignore the almost $4 billion price tag, which means massive subsidies to pay th capital costs and more massive subsidies to pay for the operating costs, as subways cost a lot to operate. Then there is no operational relief for Broadway transit costs and all a subway will do is drive up the cost per passenger, which will, again drive up fares.

    Look at the traffic flows along Broadway, under 4,000 pphpd and a subway needs 15,000 to be considered.

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