Morning Smile

Thank you Bob Mackin and the Breaker news!


TransLink hopes to move people to buy its souvenirs

News item: Just in time for Christmas, TransLink opens an online souvenir store.Ai??

Coffee mug, for that superior joe. (theBreaker)

Buy a wayfinding throw pillow ($59), SeaBus bottle ($25.95) or SkyTrain scale model ($20) to remind yourself of all the times the Metro Vancouver transit system has been out of service and the shock you get when that tax bill to pay for it comes.Ai??

theBreaker suggests TransLink offer even more designs, like the following.Ai??





The Bus Bridge T-shirt, when you really need it. (theBreaker)

Keep your spirits up. A flask, to hide your hooch from the Transit Police. (theBreaker)

A soft pillow, for the end of a long day of riding TransLink. (theBreaker)



3 Responses to “Morning Smile”
  1. Haveacow says:

    It’s no biggie, a transit agency can make a substantial amount of funds from this. It would probably shock you to hear how much money the CPR makes a year from just model railway trains of various scales. TfL (Transport for London) makes a killing just by selling the likeness of its famous Tube Map from various eras. Rapid Trains (a Canadian model railway company) is selling huge numbers of the classic General Motors New Look model bus in various Canadian and American Transit Agencies. From many different livery eras. I heard the TTC alone was paid something in the low 7 figures by Rapidly for just the classic maroon and cream and the early 80’s red, black and white liveries.

  2. Haveacow says:

    Darn autocorrect, that should read Rapido Trains not Rapid Trains.

  3. Don L. says:

    I wonder if when you pour the coffee from the mug it screeches as loud as the confounded wheels on every little curve on the track. I feel that when a rider buys a ticket or swishes the compass card a free industrial quality set of ear protection should be issued……..Don L.

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