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Our friend Haveacow is working on the Ottawa LRT and has reported that the Belfast Maintenance and Storage Facility Yard is now officially energized. Here are a few more pictures of the East Segments that will soon be powered up.

The OCS (Overhead Contact System) or the Catenary Wires are now onAi?? in the Belfast Yard maintenance and Storage Facility. This is the firstAi??step to begin vehicle testingAi??for the Confederation LineAi??here in Ottawa. Over the next few weeks sections of the yard access track will be energized. After that, mainline sections will be activated leading west to Trembley Road Station and then in controlled phases heading east all the way to Blair Station. The stations on this section of the line will all be complete by January or February 2017. Many are ahead of schedule.

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2 Responses to “News From Ottawa”
  1. Haveacow says:

    Oh boy did I goof up! That should be Overhead Catenary System not Overhead Contact System. My apologies for any misunderstandings!

  2. Haveacow says:

    Oh one other thing Zwei, I was working with them as a consultant on several issue they were having during the final planning/engineering and design process but since that contract is now finished, I’m not officially part of the project anymore and haven’t been for a while. However, I am on retainer if the same issues pop up during phase 2 because RTG (Rideau Transit Group) has officially received the contract for final planning, engineering/design and the building of the stage 2 LRT projects. It was actually one of the best work experiences I have ever had. No BS, no fooling around, no heal dragging, very respectful and they pay what they promised and when they promised.

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