Perils of a Proprietary Railway

Perils of a Proprietary railway.

TransLink, the Mayors council on Transit and the provincial NDP have tried to whitewash the fact that the Movia Automatic Light Metro, used on the Expo and Millennium Lines is not a proprietary railway. TransLink has deliberately mislead local politicians that SkyTrain is not a proprietary railway and in the past threatened a hint of legal action if RftV continue to claim that  MALM is.

The following photo from a recent Mayor’s Council meeting certainly tells the tale that MALM is a proprietary railway and that past warning of supply issues increase as the system ages, especially if very few actually operate.

Only six of the seven MALM systems are still in operation, with one more soon to be consigned to the history books (Detroit) bodes ill for the proprietary system.

Please read the last line as it sums up the problems associated with proprietary railways.




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  1. Major Hoople says:

    Many proprietary or sole transit systems on this side of the pond that require almost unique parts.

    Our beloved Schwebebahn is one of them and the system had to be closed for a short while due to the unavailability of spare parts.

    We also have a number of private Mag-Levs which also require specialist parts, which are both hard to source and costly.

    Even our Eisenbahn Romantic railways, which use vintage steam, diesel and electric locomotives are also finding it harder to source spare parts and have to resort making their own. This is expensive but the costs are reduced by volunteer workers, something your SkyTrain does not have.

    When we were in Vancouver for the RAV bid we highlighted the issues with your SkyTrain but were not so politely ignored, though the now Canada Line is a conventional railway, there are still many in your part of the woods blindingly ignoring the issue.

    Again there seems to be an ennui in Vancouver that the streets are paved with gold and money is plentiful, sadly I wish it were so on our side pond.

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