Perils Of Driverless Operation


At first glance one wonders why?

Why the need for a bus bridge and huge inconvenience for light-metro customers?

The real problem is this, automatic (driverless) transit systems, for all the expensive kit, cannot deal with problems unlike a system with a driver.

The real problem is that the train may hit a person or animal causing damage to the automatic train control (inductive loops between the tracks) causing hours long delays.

This is one reason that in Europe, transit systems maybe driverless but they still have an attendant for just such an event.

Not in Vancouver because having an attendant on board each train would, of course, expose the myth of SkyTrain being cheap to operate because of driver free operation.

Failure to have attendants on board leads to haphazard emergency customer evacuations.

Failure to have attendants on board leads to haphazard emergency customer evacuations as happened in the past.


‘Track intrusion’ delaying SkyTrains heading to downtown Vancouver

The Expo Line is seeing delays Friday morning after a “track intrusion alarm” went off at Stadium-Chinatown SkyTrain Station.

TransLink says SkyTrains are running from King George Station to Commercial-Broadway Station, but commuters must get off at that station and jump on a bus.

SkyTrains are also running between Waterfront and Granville Street stations, but the Stadium-Chinatown and Main Street-Science World stations are closed until further notice.

A bus bridge has been set up for those going between Granville and Commercial-Broadway stations.

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2 Responses to “Perils Of Driverless Operation”
  1. Haveacow says:

    Ottawa’s LRT has an intrusion alarm system as well but the driver/operator can override it. We have had animals on the LRT ROW and a simple horn blast scares the animal away. Does the Skytrain do this automatically? They had to reduce its sensitivity because a bent piece of vehicle axle cover hanging over the sensor stopped the train.

    So if I threw a large stuffed animal up over the fence and on to the Skytrain track, setting off your intrusion alarm. Since there’s no one on the train to walk out and clear it by hand, potentially your whole system shuts down, until someone comes out from the closest station and picks it up?

    Zwei replies: After many conversations with former Translink (SkyTrain) employees, if I was a devious person I could stop the trains on a daily basis. I cannot find any news on the outcome. Due to the location, I wonder if it was a large bird or something. Once the trains stop due to an issue, an attendant must proceed to clear the track and if there was no attendants handy, well they would have to wait. I will keep you posted.

  2. legoman0320 says:

    Intuition system in Skytrain stations. Laser beans and pressure plates. Anywhere in between stations Tripping hit the Tree branch or Bird. 1 or 2 things It.
    Skytrain sensor on train to tech a Jolt. Or Skytrain attendant note this is Facer damage.

    This morning’s disruption Under investigation say Translink

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