Sorry City of Vancouver, Movia Automatic Light Metro is the Brand Name…….

……..Of What We Call SkyTrain And It Is A Proprietary Light Metro! Get Over It!

Mr. Burgess brought up a interesting point, the city of Vancouver claims that SkyTrain is not proprietary and SkyTrain is the “brand” name.

Really? Really, really?

The term SkyTrain is used on a lot of elevated transit systems, notably Vancouver and Bangkok.

BTS Bangkok is a conventional railway, operating as a regional metro system and is no relation to the proprietary “SkyTrain” light-metro system in Vancouver.

The Kuranda SkyTrain or Sky-rail in Australia, is an aerial tramway.

In Taiwan, the Taoyaun airport people mover is called SkyTrain.

And I can go on.

It seems the SkyTrain “brand”, is nothing more than the local names for elevated transit lines.

Then of course the is Bombardier’s SkyTrain, a rubber tired airport people mover. As reported in RftV two years ago:

Bombardier Is Building SkyTrain at LAX…..But, It ain’t Our SkyTrain!

Bombardier's SkyTrain, no relation to MALM.

What is the city of Vancouver playing at? Why the deliberate misinformation?

What they are calling the SkyTrain brand in Vancouver, is not a brand, rather the name of the regional light-metro system and Bombardier Inc. and Bombardier appropriated the name for their proprietary airport people mover system.

So, as a refresher, I will start with the brands that our light-metro system has been marketed under.

  1. Intermediate Capacity Transit System (ICTS)
  2. Advanced Light Rail Transit (ALRT)
  3. Advanced Light Metro (ALM)
  4. Advanced Rapid Transit (ART)
  5. Innovia Rapid Transit
  6. Movia Automatic Light Metro (MALM)
The various brands have been owned by four companies:
  1. The Urban Transit Development Corporation (UTDC)
  2. Lavalin
  3. Bombardier Inc.
  4. Alstom
As for MALM being proprietary, being powered by Linear Induction Motors, MALM certainly is, as most unconventional railways are. The MALM system is not compatible in operation on any other railway, other than its family of seven systems and no other company has ‘off the shelf’ vehicles that can be used on the MALM system.
As stated before, Alstom now hold the technical patents and SNC Lavalin hold engineering patents.
The city of Vancouver should be wary, as this blatant attempt to mislead the public could come back and haunt them legally in the future.

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