Stupid Is As Stupid Does – I Expect Nothing More From TransLink


So, what do the three new board members know about transit?

Zilch, nada, nothing.

But, I bet they all know how to cash a stipend.

Thus the farce we call TransLink, continues.

This is pork barrel politics at its very worst!


Three new members appointed to TransLink Board

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Posted: October 26, 2016
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Three new members appointed to TransLink Board


There are three new members on the TransLink Board.

The Mayorsai??i?? Council has appointed Janet Austin, Sarah Clark, and Anne Giardini.

Austin is the CEO of YWCA Metro Vancouver, Clark is the COO of Fraser River Pile and Dredge, and Giardini is a lawyer, director and chancellor of Simon Fraser University.

Outgoing board members are Brenda Eaton, Barry Forbes, and current board chair Don Rose.

They will have completed their terms at the end of 2016.


One Response to “Stupid Is As Stupid Does – I Expect Nothing More From TransLink”
  1. Daniel says:

    Was wondering if you’re a guest of honor in tomorrow’s opening of Evergreen line? It’s a big day for our cities so instead of being a negative nancy, come and join the celebrations with the other people of the community!

    The Evergreen Line is the epitome of everything wrong with TransLink.

    It is the unfinished portion of the old Broadway – Lougheed (Broadway @ Arbutus to the Tri_Cities rapid LRT project, which when the switch was made to SkyTrain, was too expensive to build.

    There is a needless and expensive tunnel because TransLink is ignorant of the fact that Linear Induction Motors are very good in climbing steep grades. In fact LIM’s were only supposed to be used on transit lines with steep gradients!

    Vastly too expensive for what it does, all the Evergreen line will do is increase the cost of transit in the region which means higher taxes to pay for another SkyTrain “White Elephant”.

    As one transit expert across the pond said to me in an email; “I guess your roads are paved in gold.”

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