The Best Public Transportation Have Trams. Vancouver Does Not. Why?

Nottingham's new tramway

Ah yes, if we were to believe TransLink and the Mayor’s Council on Transit, Vancouver’s unprogressive mayor, Vancouver is the envy of the transit world with our SkyTrain rapid transit system.

A recent news item listed the top fifteen city transportation systems and twelve of the cities have trams or LRT or both, with some with very extensive networks!

Reality hurts, doesn’t it TransLink or the CoV, not even a honorable mention.

In order, from fifteenth to number 1,  the list goes like this:

15 ) Berlin –  22 tram lines serving 377 tram stops and measuring 294 km.

14 )  Stockholm – 35 km tram network.

13 ) Beijing – 13.5 km tram line, more building.

12 ) Prague – 142.5 km of tram line.

11 )  New York – 0 tram lines, 1 tram line in planning stage.

10 ) Zurich – 118 km of tram line.

9 ) Shanghai – 13.9 km of tram line, more being planned.

8 ) Dubai – 10.6 km of tram line, extending.

7 ) Tokyo – 24.4 km of tram/LRT lines.

6 ) Chicago – 0 tram lines LRT in planning stages.

5 )  Madrid – 27.8 km of tram line with one under construction.

4 ) Paris – 107.4 km of tram line

3 ) Hong Kong  – 13 km heritage tramway and  36.2 km of LRT

2 ) London – 28 km of tram line

1 )  Singapore – 0

Of the fifteen top transit cities,  only three,  New York, Chicago and Singapore do not have trams, but both have extensive metro style service.

What is apparent, cities with good public transport have trams in one form or another, something that Vancouver City politicians and its bureaucrats ignore.

Despite the hype and hoopla about SkyTrain, Vancouver’s public transit system, with its penchant for driverless light metro is ignored internationally; yet we plan and build more.

Zurich's famous trams

Cities with the Best Public Transportation, Ranked

By Briana Hansen on May 24, 2019

It goes without saying that it’s much easier to enjoy a city when you can easily get around it. That’s why the best tourism cities boast superb public transit systems — publicly-subsidized networks of trains, subways, buses and boats that can quickly and cheaply get you where you want to go.

According to John Fairfield, professor of history and urban development at Xavier University, public transit systems have other benefits too, including a reduced energy footprint and improved safety, since cars are a far more dangerous way to get around. And the best systems have charm and character to boot.

So, which metropolises offer the best public transit systems in the world? It’s a somewhat relative question, since some people value affordability over efficiency or sustainability over ease. But experts agree that the following 15 city systems are among the finest you’ll have the pleasure of using.

Spoiler alert: If you want great public transit, Asia and Europe are the places to go!

Now, for the rest of the story, please click here!


A French tram fits perfectly in the environment.


2 Responses to “The Best Public Transportation Have Trams. Vancouver Does Not. Why?”
  1. Emily says:

    What is equally sad is how Translink has brainwashed so many thinking Vancouver has one of the best Transit systems in North America and the world. Amazing talking to people how many are clueless on other forms like LRT, Trams and believe they are ‘bad’ and what is called ‘SkyTrain’ is so great and best in Canada yet does not really go anywhere either…..

    Probably a good time to leave the lower mainland if not BC as I have such a bad feeling were going to get gouged via property taxes, fuel taxes, increase on hydro bill and hell probably increase pst in Metro Van to pay for Translinks grandiose plans.. Translink is an endless unaccountable money pit.

    It is really sad Translink will not look at other options like most real cities have. Many run more than one type of rail. Toronto has subway, street cars and LRT like new ‘line 5′ other cities are the same yet Metro Van will only do SkyTrain… and Vancouver claims to be a world class city bwaa ha ha ha

    Do you think it is ‘skytrain’ only because there is corruption? The previous libs gov and casinos..We all know the current issues with Canada Line builders SNC……

    Zwei replies. In short yes. SkyTrain is a dated concept, no one plans of builds with it anymore.

  2. Chi says:

    Less 10 years ago there was a plan to build a tram in downtown. It was cancelled because Gregor did not like it, he prefers bike lanes instead. Vancouver is a city of bike lanes. Gregor prefer that everyone ride a bike.

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