The Boarders Railway Reopens After 47 Years! Leewood/RftV Interurban Is a Bargain!

The Beaching era in the UK saw the dismantling and the run down of Britain’s extensive railway network. Though some railway lines deserved to be abandoned, many did not. The Beaching philosophy was that railways were obsolete, with the exceptions of two trunk lines running North/South and one East/West, all other railway lines, except for local urban transit needs, were to be abandoned by the turn of the century!

As an aside, the Beaching philosophy is alive and well in Canada.

The Boarders Railway saw the partial reopening of the Waverly Route from Edinburgh to Carlisle, with passenger service from Edinburgh Waverly to Tweedbank.

The cost to rebuild the 56.8 line to Tweedbank, including rebuilding or refurbishing two hundred bridges and several km. of greenfields construction was A?294 million (CAD$600).

By comparison the cost to upgrade the 136 km Vancouver/Richmond to Chilliwack Leewood/RftV interurban, including electric operation was around $1 billion, with a cheaper diesel LRT option costing about $750 million.

The Leewood/RftV Valley Interurban is a bargain, when compared to reinstated railway operation, such as the Boarders Railway and very much a bargain when compared to pure ‘Greenfields’ railway construction.

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