The Caisse Du Depot Bails From REM East

Montreal’s politicians listen to the public far more about transit than Metro Vancouver’s politico’s. The public were growing very disenchanted having an elevated railway go through Montreal’s downtown and maybe would take such disenchantment to the next civic election.
Well, the civic government has pulled the carpet from under the Caisse and in response, they have abandoned REM East.
This means the project is no longer a CDPQ Infra property development transportation project but now a mainly federal- provincial infrastructure project that, will be run jointly between the City of Montreal and the Government of Quebec. As are most of the traditional rapid transit projects in the Province of Quebec. This means also, unlike the existing REM project, there is no ban on other non-REM rapid transit lines that can cross transfer passengers between this project and other new or existing Montreal rapid transit lines.
REM is a light metro and like other light-metros, it has become a “tar baby”…………………
A tar baby is something from which it is nearly impossible to extricate oneself
………………. once you built one, with all the bureaucrats and planners involved desperate trying to save credibility, it is almost impossible to plan for anything else than a light-metro.
REM East was the last straw in Montreal, with a bank dictating how transit was to be built, but light metro now remains with damage already done and cannot be undone.
As one critic of REM said in an email:
The atmosphere of the May 2 press conference hid the fact that the East REM is alive, and worse for the resident community and the environment than before. You have to throw out the REM de l’Est, the REM de Laval, the REM de la Rive-Sud and all the other REMs.
Unlike Montreal, Vancouver’s civic and provincial politicians do not have the moral fortitude to abandon SkyTrain planning in favour of just as effective and less costly public transit alternatives.



Quebec takes over REM de l’Est project after CDPQ Infra backs out

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  1. Haveacow says:

    My big problem with any of the REM lines was the fact that, CDPQ Infra could control the connection or stop the connection of future lines to their lines, limiting development on other lines if they had any chance that, riders might transfer to other rapid transit lines instead of using the REM network. Which would potentially lower the value of all their adjacent future building projects. Which is the real purpose of both the original REM and the REM De l’Est.

    I did however try to explain the point to an on line friend of mine, whom happens to live in Victoria, about why an above grade rapid transit line passing through east central and east end Montreal neighborhoods may not be cool. You get the image that these neighborhoods are post industrial hell scapes, which is far from the truth. Many are formerly industrial yes, but many have already or are in the process of gentrification. Some of the more central eastern neighborhoods that the above grade structure was planned to travel through are in fact quite lovely and over 250 years old. Suddenly dry jamming, an ugly 3 to 4 story, above grade, concrete 2 track right of way, through these areas, however you dress it up in design drawings, is a no go right from the start.

  2. Lucky says:

    Memo: As “Lucky” uses the Rail for the Valley Address and “Lucky’s” IP address has the comment from Leeds UK, I seriously doubt that “Lucky” is nothing more than a troll.

    I also find that the vast majority of people supporting SkyTrain, who comment on this blog, have IP Addresses not just outside Metro Vancouver (which I will print), but outside Canada!

    Luck’s comment has been removed as SPAM.

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