The Reserved Or Dedicated Rights-Of-Way Makes A Tram Light Rail

After a flurry of TransLink sponsored advertisements on Facebook, has made it very clear, forty years of anti LRT rhetoric by BC Transit, TransLink, the mainstream media, the Ministry of Transportation and the associate claques and shills that parrot the above, the public hasn’t a clue about modern light rail transit.

What Zwei calls the “Goebbels Gambit” by…………….

“repeating SkyTrain lie so often that the public and politicians begin to bevel it”

……………….. the locals think LRT is an inferior transit mode and that what they call SkyTrain is indeed superior.

Sadly, the opposite is true and that light rail made light-metros like SkyTrain obsolete several decades ago and TransLink is very diligent ensuring that the public not know this.

The sheer simplicity and flexibility of LRT, when compared to light-metro, has made LRT the number one transit choice for urban and transportation planners around the world.

Classic reserved R-o-W in Australia

The above is a classic reserved or dedicated rights-of-way (R-o-W) located in the median of the road. Simple design, yet gives the tram the operational ability on par with a heavy-rail metro at a fraction of the cost.

Reserve R-o-W on the new tramway in Luxembourg.

The new tramway in Luxembourg with a classic lawned R-o-W, with added trees will make the tramway a linear “green space” or linear park, both giving a pleasing visual look to the transit line and making the tram organic, fitting in with local surroundings.

A lawned R-o-W in Paris

In Paris, France, careful siting of new tramways, complete with lawned R-o-W’s statuary and more make the tram line park like, fitting in with local surroundings. Only on careful inspection of the photo reveals that this is a tram-stop or station.

A German tram on a reserved R-o-w, including bike lanes.

In Germany, where transit operators have long known the benefits of reserved and lawned R-o-W’s, also plan tram routes as cycle paths. The above photo shows a modern tram on a dedicated, lawned R-o-W, with cyclists unconcerned with tram operation.

Modern light rail transit has transformed how public transit is perceived internationally, yet not so in Canada, where politcal intervention, corruption, and just plain hubris have relegated LRT as some sort of also ran.

In metro Vancouver, this is even more true, because of 40 years the politically inspired and politically supported SkyTrain light metro system, LRT is seen by politicians and many planners as nothing more than a poor man’s light metro.

Nothing can be further from the truth!



3 Responses to “The Reserved Or Dedicated Rights-Of-Way Makes A Tram Light Rail”
  1. Vincent Ng says:

    You may cite more LRT examples in North America and Australia as there are people saying “LRT is meant for Europe and Asia only.”

    Zwei replies: Asia has more metros simply because Asian cities tend to have massive populations that demand metro operation.

  2. Major Hoople says:

    The concept of dedicated routes for trams is pre WW2 as there were many examples in Germany, the Netherlands and even France. After the war many of these routes were abandoned and rebuilt as highways and the idea of dedicated tram routes waned with the coming of the car.

    It was the 80’s that saw the rebirth of dedicated routes and with new track and modern trams, the potential was soon realized that the tram could compete with the more heavier and much more costly metro or subway.

    This came at a time when subways were bankrupting transportation authorities, in Germany and elsewhere.

    In your part of the world, economy and service means very little, it seems as I read correctly, your Expo and Millennium lines need a $3 billion Rehabilitation, yet we read that your operating authority is planning billions of dollars more of subways and very expensive metro, but just for a few kilometers at a time.

    Don’t you politicians understand that all this needs huge amounts of money for ongoing maintenance and mid life Rehabilitation?

    We have leaned our lesson, but on your side of the pond, the lesson remains unlearned.

  3. Haveacow says:

    @ Vincent Ng, the first picture in this article of the blue/purple and gold LRV (Light Rail Vehicle) is the Gold Coast LRT Line in Gold Coast (Suburban Brisbane) Australia.

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