The South Fraser Community Rail Society – Expo Line Extension To Langley Now Surpassing $200 Million/km!

It seems the SkyTrain lobby has not had to face one Bill Vander Zalm, until now. Bill does not treat fools lightly and the deliberate misinformation about the valley rail project is being countered by some breathtaking cost comparisons.

What should make every mayor in the region stop and take note is that the projected cost of extending the Expo line to Surrey is now topping $200 million/km.

This cost will increase in due time!

Press Release – from Bill Vander Zalm   

                     July 17th, 2019

Message to the TransLink Mayor’s Council. On July 25th, 2019….

The following are Metro Vancouver numbers only!

5 Reasons to Vote NO to the Fraser Highway SkyTrain Option


5 Reasons to Vote YES for State-of-the-Art Interurban Option!

  1. Interurban Pattullo Bridge SkyTrain Station to Langley City serves 434,531!

N. Delta (Kennedy), Sullivan, Newton, Cloverdale/Clayton, Wh. Rock, S. Surrey and Langley City!

Fraser Highway SkyTrain to Langley serves 157,618!

Fleetwood, Clayton, Langley City, Brookswood/Fernridge, Murrayville and Willoughby!

  1. Interurban Cost – Pattullo Bridge SkyTrain Station to Langley City – 20.2 KMs

@ $12,500,000 KM= $252,500,000.

Fraser Highway SkyTrain, Surrey Center to Langley City – 16 KMs

@ $200,000,000 KM= $3,200,000,000.

  1. 25% of the Fraser Highway SkyTrain option goes through a dead zone: Green Timbers 1.5 kms / Serpentine Flats 2.5 kms at $200,000,000 per KM wasting $800,000,000 through the ALR and Green Timbers Forest Dead Zone!


  1. Interurban to Langley City reactivation cost per KM – $12,500,000!

Fraser Highway SkyTrain to Langley City cost per KM – $200,000,000

  1. Interurban to Langley City per capita cost – $581.08

Fraser Highway SkyTrain to Langley City per capita cost – $20,302.25

Vote to protect the environment, fiscal responsibility and responsible governance!

Bill Vander Zalm

Former Premier of British Columbia

Former B.C. Minister for Municipal Affairs and Transit / Former Mayor of Surrey

Media – Connect with Bill Vander Zalm by request through Rick Green

@ 604 866-5752 or by email at


One Response to “The South Fraser Community Rail Society – Expo Line Extension To Langley Now Surpassing $200 Million/km!”
  1. Emily says:

    Translink has no concept of money, they think tax payers are a bottomless pit of money. What scares me in a way is we are going to see new fees and taxes for Translink and nothing will improve.

    If Translink was for customer service they would not of re -routed buses from Surrey and Delta into Richmond which was out of the way and takes longer. I went back to driving since I had to bus to Canada line then bus again in Vancouver whereas before I only needed one bus to get to work. The 351 and that went downtown without having to transfer were great. The 601 used to go downtown too. Why does not translink get that? Do they think people like transferring? Then there is that scam not being able anymore to use bus tickets on Skytrain…

    It seems to me Translink and developers are working together. Translink is not for the people that use it.

    Zwei replies: I also mis the direct downtown buses. I was told that TransLink signed a contract with the SNC Lavalin/Caisse consortium that operates the Canada line that all downtown direct buses must terminate at Bridgeport. This gives the pretense that the Canada Line is successful.

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