Trams save operating costs!

Confirming what Zwei has been saying for the past few decades, on modern streetcar or tram is as efficient as four to six buses.

The key statement from TTC Chair Councillor Maria Augimeri; “………for every streetcar removed from the downtown core, they would have to be replaced with 3-5 buses.”, confirms what Zwei has been saying has more thanAi?? shred of truth. Of, for every tram or bus operated, one needs over 4 people to drive, maintain, and manage them. WhatAi??TTC Chair Councillor Maria Augimeri is really saying, to switch from trams to buses will cost a lot more to operate on an annual basis and that on top of the $2 billion lost for the cost of the trams and track refurbishments.

TTC Chair warns of cost of getting rid of streetcars

Augimeri says it would cost the city $2 billion

The head of the TTC says if Rob Ford phases out streetcar service it would put the city in a costly hole – funded by taxpayers.It’s a vow the mayor has made if he’s re-elected in October.

TTC Chair Councillor Maria Augimeri says the the city would lose $2 billion dollars – those of the new streetcar fleet and related track renovations.

She says they would have to be sold. Augimeri stresses not only would the new streetcars be considered used vehicles but they would need costly modifications to be sold to other cities, since they were tailor-made for Toronto.

Augimeri says the city can’t afford that.

She adds for every streetcar removed from the downtown core, they would have to be replaced with 3-5 buses. She says that would increase traffic, making life “intolerable” for residents. –


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  1. eric chris says:

    Trams are the only answer for transit in Metro Vancouver in my opinion and in the opinion of real experts based on facts. If you look at the NPV for the capital and operating costs, trams are the most economical.

    From an environmental perspective, trams are the lowest carbon emitter (UBC). Trams are the fastest mode of transit (for the most people who only travel in their communities).

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