TramTrain Gains Favour In The UK

TramTrain development in the UK is gaining momentum as the Yorkshire Post reports that a study indicates a tram-train link between MANCHESTER and its airport in north-central England would be a better choice than passenger rail because of grades along the route.

Victoria and Metro Vancouver are candidates for TramTrain, yet the powers that be remain deaf to this very affordable transit option.

How long will transit customers on this side of the pond have to wait until even the word TramTrain enters Translink’s and BC Transit’s lexicon?

“Study rules out airport rail link in favour of tram-train

The tram-train due to be tested in South Yorkshire
17:12Friday 26 February 2016

BUILDING a conventional rail line to Leeds-Bradford airport would be technically impossible and alternatives could cost hundreds of millions of pounds, according to a new report.

The findings from consultants suggest the gradients around the airport are too steep for conventional trains although tram-train technology might be able to provide a new link to the airport but at a cost of up to A?360m.

And their report also argues that the airport will need improved road connections regardless of whether alternative links are developed.

Critics of proposals to upgrade existing roads or build a new road to the airport have previously argued that a rail link should be considered as an alternative.

Coun Keith Wakefield, chairman of West Yorkshire Combined Authorityai??i??s transport committee, said: ai???This study has confirmed tram-trains linking to the existing rail network at Horsforth could be the best solution to overcoming challenges presented by the airportai??i??s location and topography and locating a station close to the existing terminal building.

ai???Tram-trains are light-rail vehicles similar to trams that can run on exclusive lines but also share main-line railway lines with conventional trains. They are widely used in Europe and in North America and West Yorkshire Combined Authority sees them as a way of achieving its ambition of developing an integrated Metro-style transport system for West Yorkshire and the City

A trial of tram-train technology is due to begin in South Yorkshire 2017 where the same vehicles will run on conventional rails from Rotherham to Meadowhall before joining the Supertram network to go into Sheffield city centre.

A public consultation on improving road links to the airport closed yesterday. Options included the building of a new road and upgrading the existing A65 and A658 at costs of between A?15m and A?75m

ai??i?? (USD $20.8 million and $104.0 million).ai??i??


The airport is the highest in England and its location and limited links to the wider transport network have long been regarded as major obstacles to its growth.

Plans for the airport are expected to create 5,500 jobs over the next 25 years with passenger numbers also expected to grow from the current 3.3m a year to more than 7m.

It faces intense competition from Robin Hood Airport in South Yorkshire and Manchester which is served by a direct rail link.


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