TransLink CEO, Ian Jervis Made Over $394,000 Last Year

Not bad for a career bureaucrat who has no background in public transit. Maybe a little thrift in TransLink’s senior bureaucrats stipends, would translate to a little thrift in operations, resulting in realistic planning, financingAi?? and operation.

From CKWX News 1130 radio.

TransLink CEO making thousands more than counterpartsIan Jarvis makes $100,000 more than head of Canadaai??i??s largest transit system in Toronto

Simon Druker October 16, 2013

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) ai??i?? Why do TransLinkai??i??s top executives make so much more than their counterparts?

Jordan Bateman with the Canadian Taxpayers Federation (CTF) says administrative overhead is a major problem across the transit authority.

He also says similar systems heai??i??s looked at donai??i??t have the same problems.

ai???Montreal and TransLink are roughly the same size as far as annual revenue and yet the number-two person there gets paid less than the top five at TransLink,ai??? says Bateman.

TransLink CEO Ian Jarvis made just over $394,000 last year.

Bateman says that works out to $200,000 more than Premier Christy Clark and $75,000 more than Stephen Harper.

He also discounts the argument that high salaries are needed to attract top executives.

ai???For a long time weai??i??ve heard that TransLink has to pay more to compete for the best and the

But the top executive at the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC), the largest transit system in Canada, took home much less.

Their CEO, Andy Byford walked away with a salary of $294,366, which is $100,000 less than Jarvis.

ai???You can see a 10 or a 15-thousand-dollar gap but youai??i??re talking about someone who is making $90,000 a year more than a counterpart in Toronto or Montreal with a much larger transit system,ai??? says Bateman.

Montreal transit chief Carl Desrosiersai??i??s salary is listed at $297,000.

He says the comparison even extends to the United States.

ai???If you talk to most transit watchers here, they would love to be in Portlandai??i??s shoes with the transportation system Portland has, but Portlandai??i??s CEO makes about a hundred thousand dollars

Portlandai??i??s top transit executive Neil McFarlaneai??i??s salary was $228,440 Canadian while King County Metro general manager Kevin Desmond in Seattle made the equivalent of $191,645 Canadian in 2012.

Bateman says TransLinkai??i??s entire executive is paid too much, which takes money away from operations.

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