TransLink Incompetence Continues – Again Another Fail

Incompetence, thy name is TransLink. Suffice to say, if this happened in Europe and passengers were trapped in a bus for two hours because of a downed trolley line, management would have been fired the next day. All (except for Vancouver maybe) transit services that operate trolley buses or trams have a “crash crew” on duty to deal with such events in a timely matter.

It is clearly evident that TransLink’s management cannot cope with the existing transit system in emergencies and the organization has taken no steps to make improvements in this department, why then would our regional mayors trust TransLink with more monies to fund transit projects they will not be able to cope with in the future.

Senior TransLink management should take time from attending their important meetings and drive their taxpayer paid for cars and observe in person why TransLink should get no further monies from the taxpayer.

From Eric Chris.

TransLink train wreck:

Hereai??i??s an update on the potential tragedy and loss of life incident on the 99 B-Line from about 5 pm to 7 pm on Friday December 12, 2014. I contacted the CBC and Vancouver Sun by email to let them know what was happening. No surprise, ai???Vancouver Sunai??? receiving massive amounts of advertising revenue and complicit in the campaign to dupe taxpayers for more funding for TransLink ignored my email, like all the rest in the past.

However, the CBC responded and rushed a crew out but the crew arrived too late. Passengers were let off the bus at about 7 pm and quickly dispersed by TransLink before the reporters arrived:

ai???From: On Behalf Of Cbc News Vancouver
Sent: Friday, December 12, 2014 7:15 PM
To: eric chris
Subject: Re: unfolding B8031 B-Line disaster ai??i?? where are the cameras and reporters?
Hi Eric
Are you on board the bus? Or know someone who is?

On Fri, Dec 12, 2014 at 6:50 PM, eric chris wrote:
For the last two hours, dozens of transit users have been trapped inside a 99 B-Line diesel bus with a high voltage wire on it from the broken trolleybus line which snared the bus. It is at the corner of Blanca Street and West 10th Avenue in Vancouver. Is this not news?

Does TransLink have a preventative maintenance program? Do the buffoons who get paid too much at TransLink run things until they break? Shouldnai??i??t TransLink be informing the reporters when this crap happens rather than keep a lid on it?ai???

I had an appointment at UBC for 8 pm and cycled the two kilometres to UBC after the passengers alighted the stricken 99 B-Line bus ai??i?? I never drive to UBC but couldnai??i??t in any case as my driveway was blocked off by the B-Line incident. When I returned, the line crew was splicing the trolleybus line. I didnai??i??t see any engineers inspecting the wires to determine what caused the trolleybus to pull down the wire. As soon as the wire was up, the crew left.

Trolleybus service resumed right away without any analysis or safety inspection: sure enough, every trolleybus snagged the wire and the trolleybus pole dislodged at the exact location where the trolleybus at about 5 pm tore down the wires! Today, trolleybus service is ai???downai??? and diesel bus service has replaced the trolleybuses on the No. 14 ai???trolleybus routeai???. For TransLink to put the trolleybuses back into service without the proper engineering analysis was pure stupidity. It shows a complete lack of competence on the part of the idiots running TransLink. It also reflects badly on the COV engineers who arenai??i??t insisting on a preventative maintenance program for trolleybus infrastructure to replace aged wires and to keep the public safe.

What is additionally vexing is that, there is little to no demand for transit today ai??i?? UBC is mostly shut down for exams. TransLink can suspend transit service for one block, to investigate. TransLink is not. There is a steady stream of ai???hub to hubai??? express transit (99 B-Line) and regular No. 14 bus service with no effort to do anything this weekend. Pollution from the soot blowing diesel bus service every minute is extreme and the noise is harrowing. This bothers no one at TransLink or the COV.

TransLink canai??i??t maintain its current transit system and is out seeking $7.5 billion to expand its lousy hub to hub transit which has no hope of alleviating road congestion. Weai??i??ll be back where we are now in 10 years after TransLink pisses away the money. TransLink wants to add 11 more B-Line routes, 80% more nighttime service (boy there sure is lots of road congestion for transit to overcome at 3 am and those virtually empty diesel buses after about 10 pm sure do reduce CO2 emissions) and another subway? Theyai??i??ll eat through the $7.5 billion in no time and add billions of dollars of future debt.

ai???What caused this?ai???

Express hub to hub transport (B-Line and s-train service) caused this. That is, all the money spent for the B-Line and s-train routes has meant that TransLink canai??i??t afford to maintain its transit network in good working order.

ai???Hub to hub transport train-wreck by talking fools at TransLinkai???

In Metro Vancouver as in all other cities in Canada, there is a serious rift in the expectation of commuters who demand convenient and safe ai???point to pointai??? transport (travel by car) and politicians trying to get drivers to adopt ai???hub to hubai??? transport, wrongly believing that it reduces the need for more roads, which the transit buses require to shuttle riders for hub to hub transit. Drivers are not flocking to use inconvenient and unsafe ai???hub to hubai??? transport (s-train and B-Line with distantly spaced stops and creep infested stops). To remedy this, TransLink has relied on handing out much discounted transit passes to students and has set up B-Line routes to get students to the s-train lines, having serious drawbacks for drivers who can afford to stay off the s-trains:

There are only about 50 s-train stations located in Metro Vancouver. TransLink made the fatal flaw or blunder in spending billions of dollars on ai???hub to hubai??? transport which is a total flop. Buffoons at TransLink are not willing to give up on the ai???hub to hubai??? train-wreck and are bribing newspapers with advertising revenue to keep reporters loyal to TransLink. Reporters are not educating the mostly clueless public which is being bamboozled with propaganda for them to accept more taxes for ai???hub to hubai??? transit which has no hope of ever relieving road congestion. It will do the opposite to worsen road congestion ai??i?? only a step back into the future with trams to ai???approach point to point transportai??? will attract drivers.

TransLink train-wreck, to be continuedai??i??

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