TransLink Vindictive & Incompetent? You Decide

Almost same thing happened to my wife who forgot her Compass Card at work only it cost her a big fine.

Hell of a way to keep your customer base. User friendly, TransLink is most definitely not.

The student had a valid U-Pass, TransLink get over it; there are over 130,000 issued this year.

It is instances like this, that make the people hate TransLink and why the taxpayer voted “NO” at last years plebiscite.

Zwei’s solution, fire everyone concerned who let this thing go to court.

TransLink petitioning student fare evasion decision

Vancouver, BC, Canada / News Talk 980 CKNW | Vancouver’s News.
Posted: June 24, 2016

TransLink has filed a petition in B.C. Supreme Court to quash a judges decision that ruledAi??in favour of a student who was ticketed for fare evasion afterAi??she accidentally produced the wrong bus pass in November 2013.

Inna Danylyuk was ticketed by a TransLink officer for fare evasion because she produced another studentai??i??s U-Pass while on a bus in Burnaby.

Danylyuk disputed the ticket, on the ground she mistakenly switched her pass with her partnerai??i??s.

As part of her submission, she provided proof of her own pass that was valid at the time of the infraction.

In March of 2014 the matter went toAi??arbitration.

It escalated to a review, and assigned to a judge for an oral hearing.

This past March Judge Zahid MakhDoom sided with the student.

The judge chastised TranLink for engaging in quote, ai???administrative haddockry,ai??? noting it would have been better to demonstrate, ai???ai??i??diligence in its fiduciary duties to the people of the province and save a student likely in debt from incurring more debt,ai??? and wasting Danylyukai??i??s time with appeals.

Danylyuk was givenAi??two fines,Ai??each for $173 dollars.


2 Responses to “TransLink Vindictive & Incompetent? You Decide”
  1. WAYNE OLIVER says:

    Administration has become a growth industry within Trans Link, with no improvement to their mandate to provide public transit.
    It is time this body was abolished and replaced as an entity with the Ministry of Transportation.
    Only when all transportation modes come under one umbrella can we develop a cost efficient system that will provide necessary service to it’s users and it’s potential users.
    Well planned transit is an excellent tool in controlling development in an orderly fashion.

  2. eric chris says:

    TransLink police are in the news for their goon squad tactics which extend well beyond the TransLink police force and are endemic in the culture at TransLink which rolls over anyone (Susan Hayes on Cambie Street) or group with impunity. Don’t worry, things are in the works to deal with the mobsters running TransLink.

    Interestingly, The Vancouver Sun missed this story. The Vancouver Sun did implore us to go ahead with the 10 lane bridge to replace the perfectly good Massey Tunnel, however: in the advertorial by the BC Liberals who run TransLink and have the reporters at The Vancouver Sun in their back pockets.