Truth And Lies About Transit


It seems that the covid-19 pandemic has made several people busy little beavers with local transit issues.

A new Facebook page has appeared, Truth and Lies About Transit in the Fraser Valley and it is worth a read.

It now seems a certain railway company has called upon a certain political friend to do everything in his/hers power to make sure a Vancouver to Chilliwack passenger service will not happen.

Really? It does not surprise me one bit as the politics involved in providing an affordable rail passenger service from Vancouver to Chilliwack is Byzantine!

As always in BC, the massively expensive illogical transit planning, trumps affordable logical transit plans.

Truth and lies about transit in the Fraser Valley (Click here)




One Response to “Truth And Lies About Transit”
  1. Nathan Davidowicz says:

    There is no question that SOF cities do not have enough and proper transit service..
    However thats what happens when you have over 35 cities in the Lower Mainland.
    No proper coordination and common sense.
    Its up to the prov govt to get things done.

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