User Freindly Transit Not Welcomed by TransLink

TransLink once had user friendly transit programs such as a “family free ride”, but friends of the government who act for lobbyists offering fare-gates and expensive fare card take priority.

In fact most transit authorities around the world have some sort of family program or another, especially on weekends when ridership is at its lowest.

The problem is simple, the Compass Card is not what it should be and has problems with bus and metro trips and would probably have a snit and shut down completely with family friendly fares.

And of course there are those pesky fare gates which sometimes force people to pay more than they should to take transit, which again be unable to cope with a user friendly family fare.

It’s the public that is paying the shot for TransLink, should not management ensure some small perks be available, especially for the poorer member of society who have mobility and monetary concerns?

TransLink, yesterday’s transit system, evolving into yesteryear’s transit service.

Factbender on the opening of the user unfriendly fare gates.

TransLink urged to restore family-free ride program

by Lindsay Howe

Posted Jan 23, 2017

The program was cancelled a couple of years ago

If an adult buys a monthly pass, they can bring another adult and up to four kids

NEW WESTMINSTER (NEWS 1130) ai??i?? You may remember a time when if you bought a monthly adult transit pass ai??i?? you could bring another adult and up to four children under the age of 13 along for the ride on Sundays and holidays for free. While that program was cancelled a couple of years ago, the Mayor of New Westminster says he wants to see it brought back.

ai???We want to do everything we can in our region to encourage people to use public transit. But the reality is when youai??i??ve got a young family, and multiple children, transit can actually be quite costly,ai??? says MayorAi??Jonathon Cote. ai???We should be developing our policies to make it more economically feasible for young families to actually use

Cotes says that with TransLink reviewing its fare policies this year, itai??i??s the right time for people to bring up restoring the program.

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