Waterloo LRT Update

The following video shows the Waterloo LRT under construction.

Waterloo LRT progress


One Response to “Waterloo LRT Update”
  1. eric chris says:

    It is good to see that Waterloo is going with LRT. What Waterloo is doing could could be done on Broadway from Commercial Drive to Cambie Street (three kilometres). For the rest of the way, existing rail lines and easements on West 6th Avenue and West 16th Avenue could be used for the tram line to UBC. Here is what I think of the “Vancouver Sun” reporting on the “news” promoting more funding from Ottawa for the subway which isn’t even going to get close to UBC and which is the supposed intended destination of the subway:

    What’s your job as “journalist”, to report on propaganda for developers, SNC Lavalin, Lafarge and Bomb-ardier looking to make big money for transit to UBC with the subway which isn’t even going to go to UBC? You claim that more funding for transit is sorely needed for transit in Vancouver. Can you qualify this?


    Where is the proof to back up your specious claim about TransLink needing more funding for transit? TransLink is already the most overfunding transit organization in Canada. Transit in Toronto moves about twice as many people as transit in Vancouver and transit in Toronto does it for about one-half the taxes collected here.

    Let me tell you something, Pete: it is not the role of the federal government to fund “municipal” transit. Funding municipal transit for the personal glory of someone as disingenuous and plastic as Gregor Robertson is not the role of the federal government.

    Funding health care and funding national defense are the roles of the federal government. If the federal government is going to fund municipal transit, the federal government has the obligation to fund every city in Canada equally without favouring one city or region over the other. For Gregor Robertson of Vancouver to ask for billions of dollars of federal funding to build his subway to increase the property values of the developers who funded his election campaign is not in the national interest of Canadians.

    That’s what I think Pete. You know what’s more, we could build the tram line all the way to UBC with no more funding from Ottawa or any more taxes in Vancouver. Operational savings from the tram line replacing the 99 bee-lines and other carbon emitting diesel buses (which will continue to operate with the subway one-half way to UBC) pays for the tram line.

    How about you retire, Pete? You’re no journalist; you’re the puppet of the establishment using transit mega-projects degrading the environment in the process to fleece taxpayers. You are a disgusting and putrid stooge. That’s what I think, Pete.