What is a plan “B”? TransLink Will Spend $4 Million To Find Out

One has to laugh at the imperious TransLink and the gullible mayors trying to sell this dud to the public and the old adage seems to be true: “Those who do not read history, are doomed to repeat the same mistakes”.

Trust us says TransLink. Trust us say the regional mayors.

Sorry no, Zwei would not trust TransLink with a wooden nickle as this ponderous and imperial behemoth, lumbers on, doing the best it can to earn more lucrative stipends, bonuses and higher car allowances. Better transit? Nope!

The Vancouver Sun, which is trying to massage the YES side printed an article by Kelly Sinoski about TransLink and the mayors not having a plan “B”, while in the Province, Mike Smyth has a better read of the public’s mood and why the plebiscite may fail.

But there is a joker in the deck for the No side, TransLink is going to spend $4 million on the YES side for their money grab. Yup, the imperious bureaucracy, ever worried about themselves, rather than transit customers, are going to spend $4 million ($4 million that they don’t have, rather $4 million of the taxpayers monies to do a slick-willy advertising campaign to shore up the faltering YES side.

A plan “B”, I guess it is spending $4 million to try to win the plebiscite because a NO vote will show that there wasn’t really even a plan A.

It seems the mandarins at TransLink are so stupid, that they don’t realize how stupid they are.


3 Responses to “What is a plan “B”? TransLink Will Spend $4 Million To Find Out”
  1. eric chris says:

    According to the latest CBC poll, about two-thirds of the voters oppose the transit tax; whereas, the polls paid for by TransLink show a slight favouring of the transit tax. The poll by TransLink appears off like everything else that TransLink reports.


  2. eric chris says:

    Jordan Bateman, is doing a great job exposing the stupidity of the buffoons at TransLink. If it weren’t for him, we’d be sunk and the TransLink propaganda machine would be rolling all over us. I’m truly impressed:


  3. eric chris says:

    I have a plan. It’s a dream: MTV.

    It’s called Metro Transit Vancouver (MTV). It scares the living crap right out of all the dim wit “planners” at TransLink.


    Yup, it scares the living crap right out of them. When the end comes for the bungling buffoons at TransLink, it’s going to be fast and furious. Adiós TransLink, hola MTV…


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