When Driving: Be kind, Be forgiving, Be Sane – A Note From Zwei.


After driving in and around Metro Vancouver in the past few weeks, the standard of driving is just terrible. It seems that the Covid-19 debacle has made driving idiots out of us all.

I have witnessed not fewer than 10 incidents in the past week that would have lead to tragedy, by drivers who, for the sake of any other reason, want to drive fast.

Just today, driving to Rona, at Tsawwassen Mills (about 3 km from my house) to buy paint, a TransLink bus driver blew through a red light, almost T-boning the car in front of me! There was only 2 or 3 people on the bus and there was no reason to drive in such away.

On the Number 1, I was traveling, in the flow of traffic, at a speed around 110 km (any slower and I would have been impeding traffic) a car weaved in and out of traffic, almost causing not one, not two, but three accidents!

There was no need for such speed and maneuvering.

Then there was the person on Highway 99 going to the dump with his trailer filled with rubbish; well a lot of that rubbish ended up on the road and caused a lot of swerving to prevent contact with the debris!

The number one spot, must go to the two semi’s ‘rat-racing’ down Highway 17, coming from the Superport. They passed me going at least 100 kph (posted speed limit is 80 kph), bobbing in out of traffic and changing lanes five or six times as they disappeared onto HWY 99.

Just Damned dangerous!

We live in perilous times, but we do not need the added aggravation of dangerous driving by people who should know better.

Let’s take our driving down a notch, OK? We do not need to succumb to bad driving at this time, or at any other time for that matter.


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  1. Rob says:

    Its the new normal, unfortunately. I can think of a couple of good antidotes, however…

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