Rail tracks should be built instead of roads

Rail tracks should be built instead of roads


Re: Urgent upgrade pushed for Fraser Valley transit to deal with huge population growth, Dec. 21

It was good to see front-page coverage on the transit overhaul needed for the Fraser Valley. For the most part, I can only agree.

But what I don’t understand is why, in the course of twinning the Port Mann Bridge, the additional lanes are being paved for vehicles rather than being used to construct rail of some sort. Such a link, even if it only went as far east as 200th Street, would be a good beginning. For commuters travelling west, once over the Port Mann, it doesn’t seem it would be all that hard to connect with the Expo Line and even with the proposed new Evergreen Line.

The median between the lanes of Highway One is currently torn up — from the bridge nearly out to 200th. Why not take this opportunity to lay tracks rather than road?

Considering rising fuel costs, air quality, carbon emissions and traffic congestion, it seems to make sense to be looking for ways to get cars off the road, not to encourage more single-passenger trips into the city.

And really, has anyone figured out yet where all the cars streaming over those extra lanes of the Port Mann configuration will go, especially when they arrive at Grandview Highway?

Heidi Greco

South Surrey

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