Uninformed about transit

Uninformed about transit

The Times October 19, 2010


Each time the light rail issue has been brought up Mayor Sharon Gaetz hasn’t had any more insight than to say rail crossings would cost the city $500,000 each. Upper Prairie Road is shortly getting one of these new crossings and after the government’s contributions the bill to the city is actually $44,000.

I have nothing against Mayor Gaetz, but I also know that Chilliwack council is totally uninformed when it comes to rail.

There are already three studies recommending it. The Rail For the Valley one is just the most recent, and council hasn’t done anything positive. The experts have said to put together a pilot project and Surrey, Langley and Abbotsford are working toward this goal with the South of the Fraser Community Rail Task Force.

Meanwhile, Chilliwack council is ignoring this and we really risk being excluded from the eventual rail network.

Please, Mayor Gaetz, there is now more then enough data that firmly supports light rail. Chilliwack deserves a lot better transportation then you’re giving us.

Nick Wimpney


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