Electric Hybrid Streetcars coming to Austin?

Austin Cars ExaminerAi?? August 12, 2011

A glimpse of the possible future of mass transit in the City of Austin was shown to the public on August 11. Kinkisharyo, a global provider of high speed and mass transit rail vehicles, set up a version of their new low floor hybrid electric street car (the ameritramai??? 300) downtown and invited to public to tour and ask questions.

The continued growth of the Austin metropolitan area as a highly desirable place to live and work is going to depend, among other things, on a very dependable and efficient mass transit system linking the various communities, businesses, entertainment venues, recreation facilities, government and educational institutions. Not only must it move people in and out of the city, it must also provide effective transportation within the city that is environmentally clean and efficient.


Austin Electric Hybrid  Streetcars

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