I must go down to the sea again [in ships & trams]

I must go down to the seas again, to the lonely sea and the sky,
And all I ask is a tall ship and a star to steer her by,
And the wheel’s kick and the wind’s song and the white sail’s shaking,
And a grey mist on the sea’s face, and a grey dawn breaking.

Sea Fever, John Masefield

Marseilles’ urban ‘ships’ a public transit delight


Eric Reguly

Globe and Mail European Business Correspondent

MARSEILLESA?ai??i??ai??? Globe and Mail Blog
Posted on Friday, September 9, 2011 6:36AM EDT




There are a lot of things to like about Marseilles, the host city for the Group of Seven finance ministersA?ai??i??ai??? meeting on Friday and Saturday. The old port is charming, the weather is gorgeous and the street life is vibrant. It also has the most attractive trams — streetcars to you and me — on the planet.


The trams are rolling industrial art, inspired by the cityA?ai??i??ai???s rich maritime heritage, and they were built by CanadaA?ai??i??ai???s own Bombardier. The look like ships on wheels. The front and back ends rise up like the bows of an elegant yacht. The A?ai??i??Ai??hullA?ai??i??A? of the streetcars, like any proper yacht, is white. The windows are enormous, giving the interior a bright, airy feeling. The natural wooden seats and blue interior accentuate the Mediterranean effect and give passengers a panoramic view of the city.


Bombardier built 26 of the low-floor streetcars, each with the capacity for 200 passengers, for Marseilles. Toronto and other cities should take note. Urban transportation machines do not have to look like metal boxes. The trick is pick up on a city theme and let it shape the industrial design. But for Toronto, what would that be? a streetcar that looks like a bank branch or a Tim Hortons



Flexity 2 tram unveiled in Blackpool

Railway Gazette 08 September 2011


UK: Bombardier Transportation launched the first of its Flexity 2 trams in the seaside town of Blackpool on September 8. It is the first of 16 ordered by Blackpool Council in 2009 as part of what Lancashire County CouncilA?ai??i??ai???s Director of Transport & Strategic Highways, Mike Kirby, describes as a Ai??A?100m A?ai??i??E?rebirthA?ai??i??ai??? of the townA?ai??i??ai???s 125-year old tramway.

The latest addition to BombardierA?ai??i??ai???s family of low-floor trams A?ai??i??E?combines proven technology with continuous innovationA?ai??i??ai???, according to Bombardier Transportation President AndrA?Ai?? Navarri. It is an evolution of previous designs, incorporating successful features from the 3Ai??Ai??500 light rail vehicles which Bombardier has supplied to 100 cities in 20 countries.

New features include touch-screen controls for the driver. The outer shell of the cab can be specified by the customer, enabling cities to choose their own front end. The interior is designed as an A?ai??i??E?empty roomA?ai??i??ai???, which can be fitted out however the customer wishes; the second customer for Flexity 2 is the Gold Coast light rail project in Queensland, Australia, where 14 longer cars are to be supplied with space for surf boards.

The northern resort of Blackpool is home to the UKA?ai??i??ai???s only surviving first-generation tramway, an iconic part of the townA?ai??i??ai???s attractions. But by the early 2000s it was clear that modernisation was needed, and the effects of an aging population and impending legislation on accessibility meant that traditional high-floor trams could not continue in service indefinitely. A?ai??i??E?If we didnA?ai??i??ai???t secure major investment it would wither and dieA?ai??i??ai???, said Kirby.

But A?ai??i??E?Blackpool continued to keep its faith in this method of transportA?ai??i??ai???, according Simon Blackburn, Leader of Blackpool Council. There had been talk of reducing the line to a short tourist attraction in the town centre, but government funding was secured to cover most of the cost of a Ai??A?100m programme which Kirby says will ensure the line between Blackpool and Fleetwood provides an economic boost by enabling residents to access jobs and services.

Procurement followed a traditional model, with the UK Department for Transport providing funding and Blackpool Council purchasing the 16 vehicles for Ai??A?33m. DLA provided specialist legal support to the council.

The trams are being assembled at Bautzen in Germany, with significant input from BombardierA?ai??i??ai???s plant in Wien. Following commissioning, the new trams will enter service at Easter 2012, when a new timetable based on 10Ai??Ai??min headways is due to be launched.

As well as the new vehicles, the investment programme includes a major rebuild to bring the route up to modern light rail standards. The number of stops is being reduced from 64 to 37 to enable the trams to offer competitive journey times, with the remaining stops rebuilt to provide level boarding.

The traditional double-deck trams are seen as an iconic part of Blackpool and will continue to operate through the town centre. Around 10 are being adapted to meet accessibility requirements, but the most historic vehicles will be kept as a museum fleet. The introduction of new vehicles means the double-deckers are A?ai??i??E?no longer old trams, they are heritage tramsA?ai??i??ai???, according to Blackburn.

The new cars will be housed in a purpose-built depot at Starr Gate, constructed by VolkerFitzpatrick. Design has been informed by the TramStore 21 project, which has compared experience across Europe to improve efficiency.

Operating along the seafront, BlackpoolA?ai??i??ai???s trams can be exposed to harsh maritime conditions. The depot has marine-grade coatings and an aluminium roof to minimise corrosion, while the trams will be kept indoors and washed every day. The new depot is in a prominent location at the southern end of the seafront promenade, and features an external LED display designed to harmonise with the townA?ai??i??ai???s famous illuminations.

The depot has three maintenance roads, one of which is equipped with Eurogamma jacks. An important feature is the Hegenscheidt wheel lathe which will be able to turn all the wheels of a Flexity 2 tram in a day.


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