Man marries his car

NO, HUMAN MANAGEMENT IS NOT PERFECT but neither is automated management. Records prove the safest way to go is to have automatic safety controls that will override a human mistake, such as 1920 style automatic train stop. It is much safer to rely on an automatic device checking on a human than to have a human checking on an automatic device.
The June 22nd 2009 accident that killed ten on the Washington DC Metro was totally a computer failure. The computer salesman may claim it was a track circuit failure, but an honest system would stop the train when the circuit failed instead of letting it go haywire.
Records are worth a whole lot – automation is not worth the cost but an automatic train stop is in most cases.

The Miami MetroMover, the Detroit Sky-Train, the Las Vegas MonoRail and the Jacksonville MonoRail are all automated and they are all far too expensive to build and operate. Vancouver Sky-Train is just about operationally value for money, what with its fare subsidies and traffic volumes, but it is certainly not cost effective to build; despite what TransLink would have us believe using selective statistics to buttress the pro-ART and pro-highway spending case. There are records on that too. Look at the records, do not argue about it.

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