People love their cars or do they?

Portland sometimes struggles to find the right balance between car use and alternative modes of transportation. Striking the balance will require tough choices as population and housing density increase. Michael Lloyd/The Oregonian

Funny, people love cars. That may be why data released last week by researchers at Metro, the regional government, showed as much. But don’t tell that to Metro’s elected councilors.

The Oregonian’s Joseph Rose reported they openly worried the public narrative arising from the data would spoil an urban planning party that contains the use of automobiles and promotes mass transit, bicycling and walkingAi??

Somewhere along the way, evil was assigned to the automobile. Cars belched smoke and created smog, guzzled gasoline, tore up expensive roads, hogged valuable road and yard space, warmed the Earth and alone made possible the concentric rings of prosperity sucking life from any city: the suburbs.

People like their cars”, here is a contra viewpoint which quotesAi?? figures
and some local background:

  • Sydney has always had steady inner city population, as the city’sAi??
    population grew the inner suburbs have continued to increase in value.
  • Sydney has always had a high proportion of car ownership.
    Sydney is a larger city (5 million + population) and their has beenAi??a huge underspend in recent decades in public transport infrastructure.
    There has not been a recession in Sydney.
    Petrol (gas) prices have remained relatively stable thanks to theAi??
    appreciation of the Australian $ making our imports cheaper.

Sydney Light Rail

Ed Tennyson writes on the LRPPro e-group:
Auto people do love their cars but they also love Light Rail when
it helps them traval easier,faster and / ot at less cost.
I have no way to know, but I am preetty sure that oil company
advertising in the media permits them to demand such write-ups
in exchange for the ad revenue. I do not read the Oregonian buy
I see many full page and half-page ads by energy companies in
the Washington POST. I assume the OREGONIAN gets them, also.
Newspapers are hurting for money so will sell their soul to get it.
Back to the realities of life on earth.
Too many automobiles do pollute and fill the air with global
warming making hurricanes with record low barometric

“the road to Hell is paved with good intentions”.

The Bible says “wide is the road that leadeth to destruction.

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