Rebalancing Our Transportation Network: A Case Study

Hamilton, Ontario has for long been promoting a Light Rail system for the city, details of their campaign can be found on the Hamilton Light Rail web site:

Details of the economic case for Light Rail are:

Similarly to Rail for the Valley in BC, the Hamilton Light RailAi??promoters are citing examples of the European sucess of Light Rail, Tramways & Tram-Trains to support their case.

The Hamilton team, have regularly promoted the Grenoble Light Rail system in France as their aspiration for a rail based transit system, see;


The Grenoble Light Rail system consistentlyfeaturesAi??amongst the topAi??2 orAi??3 hits on this blog, so the Cardinal will include some details on the system.

The Grenoble tramway network is 35Ai??km long, and comprises four lines: lines A, B, C and D. Line A was opened in 1987, line B in 1990, line C entered into service on the 20 May 2006 and line D opened on the October 2007.

Railway Technology

Grenoble Light Rail map


Grenoble Alstom TFS & Citadis LRV’s

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