The London Underground: 150 Years in Culture

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The first journey on the London Underground was made 150 years ago, on this day, 9 January 1863 from Praed Street (Paddington) to Farringdon; the line opening for public service on the 10th of January . Since then, the iconic transport system and culture have crossed paths. We look at the artists, writers and zombies in culture who have taken over the Tube.

Ai??150 years, 11 Lines totaling 402 km, 270 stations and a daily ridership of 3.6 million on, the Tube as London Underground is known is loved as much as it is reviled

Ai??The London underground at 150 – a birthday journey

Ai??There have been as number of attempts to show tube stations where they really are but this map by Andy Hudson-Smith of the Digital Urban blog goes one step further by rendering landmarks too!


Ai??London Underground: 150 fascinating Tube facts

The Tube turns 150 today. Here is a nugget of knowledge for every year of its existence.

Ai??Finally, after 150 years London Underground has its own disused station web site

Ai??& its own slightly irreverent Blog ai??i?? Going Underground

Ai??Ai??Imagine life without the London Undergroundai??i?? The iconic Tube has been transporting Londoners around Britainai??i??s capital for 150 years, and today 150,000 passengers use the Underground every hour.

This fascinating miscellany takes us on a round-trip through every aspect of the London Underground, from the history of its construction to its many appearances in books, films and popular music, giving a glimpse into the technical marvels beneath our feet and the many human stories that play out in its trains and tunnels every day.

1845: A pamphlet is published in which Charles Pearson, a London lawyer, pushes the idea of an underground railway to transport both passengers and goods to the city centre.

1863: On 10 January the Metropolitan Railway goes down in the history books when it opens the first subterranean railway in the world.

1998: A previously undiscovered breed of mosquito, adapted to life underground, is discovered living in the Tube network.

2012: Close to one million people use the Northern line alone, every day.

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and there areAi??Ai??steam locomotives on the Underground!

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