Toronto Meet Your New Ride

New Toronto Streetcars is the website from the TTC on the new streetcars.

The Toronto Transportation Societyai??i??s December newsletter has some interesting thoughts on the vehicle as well as photos of the half mock-up. The first 80 cars will have both pole and pantograph with the remainingAi?? (109 or 116 depending on the order) will be fitted with pantograph only.

Facts about your new ride:

  • Accessible
  • 100% low floor
  • More seats
  • Some wider seats
  • Boarding from all 4 doorways
  • Wide 2nd and 3rd doorways
  • Modern
  • Comfortable
  • Spacious
  • Large windows
  • Air conditioning, climate controlled
  • Bicycle accommodationAi??

This light rail vehicle is part of our new transit legacy. We are committed to working with Torontonians and our current and future customers to make solid design decisions.

In 2007, over 10,000 of you told us what you wanted to see in a new streetcar. We heard.

In June 2009, the path was chosen for one of Torontoai??i??s newest transit rides. The TTC entered into a contract with Bombardier to design and build 204 new low floor, light rail vehicles (LRVs) to replace the existing fleet of streetcars.

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