Tram Train

A summary of the latestAi??EuropeanAi??Tram Train developments at the end of 2013.

UK – Manchester:

Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) has created new plans which could see specially designed vehicles running on both street tracks and train tracks between Glossop and Manchester city centre.

Manchester to explore future tram-train network

Councillors in Manchester have backed a new study to look into the feasability of introducing tram-trains across the north westai??i??s light and heavy rail network.

Manchester follows Sheffield where the UKai??i??s pilot tram-train project is currently underway. From 2016, the new vehicles will link Rotherham Parkgate and Sheffield city centre as part of a two-year trial of the technology.

TfGM backs Manchester tram-train proposals

A report outlining proposals for the development of tram-train services sharing tracks with heavy rail services and also running on-street was approved by Transport for Greater Manchester Committee’s Capital Projects & Policy Sub-Committee on November 7.

ManchesterAi??to develop tram-train strategy

UK – Sheffield:

Sheffields New Tram Trains

Germany – Karlsruhe:



France – Line Nantes Orleans Chateaubriand:

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