Trams, Pedestrians & Bicycles + buses & cars in Amsterdam

Trams, bicycles, pedestrians also buses, motorcycles & cars happily co-existing in Amsterdam.

Just to reassure Ai??theAi??Ai??retardedAi??Ai??dingbats amongst Skyscraper, Ai??Skytrain for Surrey, Translink & Ai??VancouverAi??activistsAi??that it can be done Ai??and that no one was killed or injured during the making of this video

a Happy New Year to one & all….

the toast is `Shiney rails to Surrey, Langley & allAi??stations eastAi??in 2012′


4 Responses to “Trams, Pedestrians & Bicycles + buses & cars in Amsterdam”
  1. A Bronk says:

    I would like something like this in the Fraser Valley,
    Come on people in government smarten up!

  2. Evil Eye says:

    Sorry, somehow I don’t see LRT or streetcars in the Fraser Valley, the deck is keenly stacked against light rail. for starters, building LRT is cheap compared to SkyTrain, so there isn’t the lolly and perks to be spread around to the various politicians and bureaucrats as there is with SkyTrain.

    Speaking of bureaucrats, they would actually have to do meaningful work if light rail were to be built and meaningful work is an oxymoron with the BC bureaucrat, either working for the provincial or civic governments.

    As long as politicians can tax the life out of regional taxpayers, LRT will not be built.

    Until we have a major tax revolt in B.C., cheaper transit alternatives will be quietly ignored, in favour of expensive and politically prestigious transit projects..

  3. Jim says:

    If the pedestrians and cyclists behaved like that on our roads here they’re would be a big rise in the number of them being hit by cars I think.

  4. the Ragnore brothers says:

    Sad commentary Jim, your observation presupposes that motorists in Vancouver & BC have little consideration for other road users & cyclists & pedestrians are careless and inattentive.