Urban Compass – Subways wont win Rob Ford Votes

In a meeting room in Scarborough earlier this month, Mayor Rob Fordai??i??s grand plan to ride to re-election on subway promises drift further off track.

It happened deep in the heart of Ford Nation, with a few dozen people gathered in Agincourt for an information session put on by CodeRedTO, a non-partisan group thatai??i??s been active throughout this yearai??i??s transit debate. Theyai??i??ve supported light-rail lines in Torontoai??i??s suburbs over the mayorai??i??s wish for ai???subways, subways, subways.ai??? (He really likes the word ai???subways.ai???)

The mayor and his allies have said that Scarborough doesnai??i??t want the planned LRT lines, which recently won provincial support. But the reception from this Scarborough crowd wasnai??i??t all righteous anger and fury. They were there to learn.


CodeRedTO.com was started by three Toronto residents concerned about transit options and fiscal responsibility in transit expansion. There is no outside funding or direction on this group or this website whatsoever. We have not met with any City Councillor, any Transit agency, or any construction or design groups. We do not live along the path of any proposed light rail or subway lines. We work in technology, urban design, and market research

To see the TTC presentation and CodeRedTO’s presentation, visit www.coderedTO.com

Why LRT?

I want subways, not streetcars


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