You could waste away waiting for guided bus

Let's make no bones about it – we’re all getting on a bit while we wait for the guided bus to arrive.

But two “passengers” at the busway stop in Swavesey really have reached the end of the line.

A pair of skeletons have been spotted close to the track, appropriately appearing on April Fool’s Day.

One bore a sign saying: “How long do you have to wait for a bus round here?”

The other placard said: “There’s been no buses, only a white elephant – April Fool.”

Thankfully, the skeletons were only cardboard cut-outs left near the bus stop. It is not known who put them there.

The busway is more than two years behind schedule, and the authority in charge of it, Cambridgeshire County Council, has accused contractor BAM Nuttall of dragging its feet.

But local residents reckoned the skeleton skulduggery was bona fide – and very humerus.

They gave council bosses and BAM Nuttall a right ribbing.

Richard Monk, general manager of the nearby MG Owners’ Club, said: “I saw the skeletons from my office window, and even though they’re not doing a lot, neither is anyone else.

“In the past few days, the only action we’ve seen on the busway is the odd yellow-jacketed workman sweeping the track with a broom.”

April Martin, from Swavesey, who has previously criticised the cost of the busway as well as the delay in opening it, said: “It being April 1, maybe the skeletons foolishly hoped to catch a bus.”

Over resident John Lewis said: “It’s a very funny joke, but the serious side of it is that the buses still aren’t running.

“The whole thing is terrible, and I blame the council, not the contractors.”

Let this be a warning to TransLink, misguided busways – you're having a laugh!

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