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Be a part of the movement to get us Rail For The Valley.

The success of this campaign has come from people like you getting involved.

By writing letters and pressuring the politicians, passenger rail is closer thanAi??ever to being realized,

and all of it has been achieved through email and the internet.

1. Join the campaignAi??by emailing: and put “subscribe” in the subject line. (To unsubscribe, put “unsubscribe” in the subject line.) It takes so little effort to make a difference.


2. Email us your thoughts and ideas:Ai??send an email to


3. Write a Letter to the Editor:Ai??Take a look atAi??all these letters that have already been printed in the papers. It’s easy to do, and when we all do it, it makes people stand up and notice.

***Click here for a list of newspaper e-mail addresses.***

4. Contact your political representatives, at all three levels of government.Ai??You may be presented with arguments against rail. Many of these arguments are dealtAi??with in the Myths & Facts section of this website. Please be persistent!Ai??The more politicians hear about this issue, the more likely something will get done.


5. Join our Rail for the ValleyAi??facebook page,Ai??and our original facebook group:Ai??The Fraser Valley needs passenger rail service NOW!Ai??When something happens, pass along news of our campaign to all your social networks.


6. Be a part of the Rail For The ValleyAi??STICKER CAMPAIGN (click here) – Just imagine driving down the highway in traffic and seeing RAIL FOR THE VALLEY on every third car…


7. JoinAi??Rail for the Valley – Creative Cats.Ai??We need buttons, we need t-shirts, we need posters, we need banners, we need artwork, we need music, we need bumper stickers, we need a sense of humour, we need slogans, we need to get creative! Sign on here and get involved in the creative campaign. You don’t need permission, to make it happen.


8. Become a member of theAi??Friends Of Rail For The Valley Society.Ai??Please help us reach out to people and businesses in our communities who support passenger rail!


9. Donate today. We can do a lot, with a little.



Our Society

Friends of Rail For The Valley is a registered Society in the province of British Columbia, incorporated on February 12, 2009.

Purpose statement:Ai??To advocate for the creation of a comprehensive passenger rail and transit network for the entire Fraser Valley, from Vancouver to Hope.

Our current primary goal:Ai??Establishment of a community rail service from Chilliwack to Vancouver, running on the existingAi??Interurban rail line.

Community Endorsements

Citizens Against Urban Sprawl Society

Tzeachten First Nation

Yarrow Ecovillage Society

*We welcome your endorsement*

If you wish to endorse our purpose and goals, or for any questions you may have, please email us at

To join Friends of Rail For The Valley, you are welcome to come to our next meeting.


AnAi??individual membership costsAi??$10/year.

Please help us reach out to individuals and businesses in our communities who support passenger rail!

For more information, please send an email toAi??

Political Endorsements

Surrey Mayor Dianne Watts: “South of the Fraser, we want at-grade light rail. You see it all over the world.”Ai??(link)

“I for one am a firm believer that instead of SkyTrain expansion in Surrey we should be looking at At Grade Rail. At Grade Rail is significantly cheaper, easier to build and much more aesthetically pleasing than SkyTrain. Surrey cannot wait until 2020 for improved rail transit. At Grade Rail can be completed much faster. I have great confidence in the potential of At Grade Rail, and I am currently having City staff analyze this option so that we can move it forward.”Ai??(link)


Langley Mayor Rick Green: “Interurban service should be fast tracked, at least achieving excursion runs within the next couple of years.”Ai??(link)


Chilliwack Mayor Sharon Gaetz: Light rail linkages between communities would be invaluable. The track could connect the University of the Fraser Valley and there could be tourism and business opportunities that we’ve only dreamed of.”Ai??(link)

Delta Councillor Bruce McDonald: “I really do believe 10 years, 15 years from now that line will be as important to the valley as the old Interurban was.” (link)



Show Your Support for Passenger Rail!

Buy one or buy many. Due to popular demand, stickers now come in two styles: orange and blue. Prices: $2 per sticker, + $2 total shipping and handling, (ie. 4 stickers would cost $10.) Pay securely by credit card through PayPal. All proceeds go to the Rail for the Valley campaign.






These are 3×10 inch, high-quality weather-resistant stickers, suitable as bumper stickers. Ideal for cars, walls, binders, or…. the mouth of any nay-saying politician! Imagine driving down the highway in traffic and seeing RAIL FOR THE VALLEY on every third car…

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(Rail for the Valley is not a registered charity, so we can not issue tax receipts.)



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