SkyTrain justifications are way off track

It seems The North Shore News’s Liz James has scored a direct hit with her most recent article andAi??I hope the rest of the Post Media papers pick this up and print it. BC Transit and now TransLink has made the LRT/SkyTrain debate an idealogicalAi??one and not a debate about what is best for the […]

BC’s TransLink taking taxpayers for a ride – North Shore News

It seems Ms. James now joins  the Georgia Straight's Charlie Smith, with her knowledge on regional transit issues and one hopes other commentators get up to speed on the subject of transit as well. Yes, TransLink and the provincial government are taking taxpayers for a ride and have done so since 1980 when the then Bill Bennett […]


  CLICK HERE FOR THE COMPLETE QUESTIONNAIRE + RESPONSES With new leadership coming to both major political parties in B.C., Rail For the Valley found out where the candidates stand on crucial transportation issues for the rapidly growing Fraser Valley.  On January 26, a Questionnaire was distributed to all leadership candidates from both political parties. Three weeks later, […]

Interurban gains major political support

Early bird gets the worm…… as in, extra media coverage, being a…. worm, yes Stay tuned for a complete posting of Candidate Responses on, once candidates have been given sufficient time to respond. MEDIA RELEASE: Interurban gains major political support   Adrian Dix calls for Interurban Light Rail to Langley, supports Task Force Demo […]