A bad week for Clarkai??i??s fading B.C. Liberals

Another Canadian politico, deep in the doodoo the sad fact is SkyTrain, the Canada Line and now the the Evergreen SkyTrain Line are big contributors to TransLink’s financial woes. building more SkyTrain only exacerbates the situation. by Gary Mason – Globe & Mail It should have been so simple and straightforward ai??i?? a premier announcing […]


Ida Chong is afraid to order an audit of TransLink! Those damned skeletons in the closet!

Well, good old ‘Zwei’ has been arguing for this for over a decade, but the BC Liberal government and the Liberal lickspital minister in charge of TransLink, Ida Chong, is afraid to order an audit of TransLink. Why? Audits have a strange way of uncovering misspent monies or dubious bookkeeping Ai??practices or evenAi??more sinister wastes […]

The Emperor has no clothes - illustration-8x6[1]

The Emperor has no Clothes and no Transit

Vancouver is at first glance a beautiful city. It is surrounded by sweeping vistas and a dramatic skyline. The climate is moderate butAi??spend some time here and scratch the surface and it becomes far less attractive. It is a city that is divided politically; it is parochial, narrow minded and shallow. The people are characterless, […]


  CLICK HERE FOR THE COMPLETE QUESTIONNAIRE + RESPONSES With new leadership coming to both major political parties in B.C., Rail For the Valley found out where the candidates stand on crucial transportation issues for the rapidly growing Fraser Valley.  On January 26, a Questionnaire was distributed to all leadership candidates from both political parties. Three weeks later, […]

All-candidates meetings in the Fraser Valley

With the election campaign now in full swing, it’s time to get some concrete answers from the candidates and keep Rail for the Valley on the agenda. Here is a very incomplete list of All-candidates meetings in the Fraser Valley. Check back for updates. There WILL be more meetings posted as they are announced. (E-mail […]

Five reasons Why Gordo and his ‘Falcon’ don’t want the "Return of the Interurban".

It is all too simple, the tracks are there from Vancouver to Chilliwack, the diesel light-rail vehicles areAi??Ai??available from many manufacturers and have been proven in revenue operation, and the precedent of the Karlsruhe two-system or zweisystem LRT with almost 20 years of safe operation track-sharing with mainline railways, makes the return of the interurban […]