Karlsruhe Stadtbahn

Light Rail Transit, LRT or Tram-Train

Tram and train used to be two entirely different public transport systems. Tram served shorter (read: urban) distances. Train served longer (read: regional) distances. But the difference between city and region has disappeared in much of Europe. The difference between tram and regional rail is blurring as well. A new generation of light rail transit […]

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Grand plan to bring tram system to Chester

ChesterFirstAi?? Published date: 24 January 2011 | Published by: Laura Jones http://www.chesterfirst.co.uk/news/98061/grand-plan-to-bring-tram-system-to-chester.aspx MAJOR plans to extend a tram network from Manchester to Chester will be presented to the government tomorrow. Think tank Trams UK will recommend at the House of Commons that the Greater Manchester Passenger Transport Executive (GMPTE) light rail system, the Manchester Metrolink, […]